Mail Box Rental

Private Mail Box Rentals (PMB) offer the individual and business owner a number of advantages over receiving mail at their home or business, or at a US Post Office mail box.

Personal: For the home or individual, possibly you have had some security issues, or you just don't want your mail or packages left all day while you are away at work. Your mail is received here, put in your own locked box, and you can pick it up at your convenience 24 hours a day. Packages are received here by ANY  carrier, UPS-FedEx-DHL-USPS-Freight Company-Your Aunt Mary dropping off a box or letter for you.
Do a lot of online, eBay or QVC / HSN shopping? A PMB is the perfect location to have your purchases delivered.

Business: For the small business, many of the same reasons as above will apply. Is your small business operating out of your home?  Having a street address in one of Rhode Island's premier commercial districts may be a boost for you. (Don't forget our other services that can assist your business as well ! ) And you don't have to be a "small" business either. We have a number of quite large local businesses that we service here at Mail Boxes Plus.

Examples of some of our current clients: 
Business Owners, Home Owner Organization, Tradesmen,
Sales People, Truckers, Doctors,
Attorneys, Public Figures, Celebrities,
Teachers, Traveling Retirees, Athletes
Consultants, Service Clubs, Property Managers,
RV Owners, Tax Accountants, People divorcing,
Non-Profit Organizations, Political Campaigns, Service Clubs,
Architects, Construction Firms, Investment Clubs.

21 Reasons Why You Need a Private Mailbox that is clearly a STREET 
ADDRESS which You have SECURED ACCESS to 24 hours a day, 365 
1.Have an address so you don’t have to be home for shipments that require a signature (remember, the 
Post Office won’t accept UPS and FedEx packages).
2. Operate a business from home without irritating the neighbors with everyday deliveries.
3. Separate your personal address from your business address – protecting your privacy.
4. Keep your packages out of inclement weather.
5. Have an address which can accept mail and packages while you’re away on business.
6. Avoid getting "Sorry we missed you" notices from carriers.
7. Provides a Professional street address, not a “P.O. Box” for business mail.
8. Receives deliveries from UPS, FedEx, DHL, U.S. Post Office, and others.
9. Include a street address on those applications that indicate "NO P.O. Boxes".
10. Ability to have a street address for business cards and stationary.
11. Have Mail Boxes Plus Associates available to sign for shipments.
12. Ability to "call ahead" to check for important documents.
13. Able to check for shipments prior to driving to the center, saving you from "wasting" time on 
shipments or mail that have not arrived.
14. Able to have mail forwarded to you while away on business in another city, another state, even 
another country!
15. Able to get your mail sent to you while on vacation.
16. Ability to keep one address while on temporary assignment for business.
17. Be notified when you have an urgent letter or package.
18. Able to keep your personal mail...well, personal.
19. Able to have access 24 hours a day and be able to sort through your mail in a secure, well lighted 
20. Ability to protect yourself from Identity thieves that prey on mailbox clusters at townhouses,  
apartment complexes or neighborhood street corners.
21. Your mailbox at Mail Boxes Plus is locked and secured 24/7. No one has access to your mail but