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  Tips for Doing Well   

       in Your Courses   

            Secondary School is about learning, about exploring, about becoming. It's about trying out new ideas, new ways of seeing things, new activities, new friends -- even a new you.                   It's about making mistakes and falling on your butt.

         Anyway, Secondary School is a big step up from Primary school. Then you had one teacher, two at the most. But your grades were simple, because the core of your subjects were with one teacher. Now you have nine different classes to keep up with, and a different teacher for each one! 

 No doubt! Secondary School is a time for growth, particularly intellectually. You feel challenged by the coursework and teacher expectations.     

       Many parents also putting stress on their children because they're concerned about their lives after high school. You must deal with this mounting academic pressure and organization and preparation can help considerably. And of course you don't want to disappoint your parents with horrible grades!

        You fell you are capable of higher grades than the ones you actually get. Let's be real, sometimes school is boring and some subjects are more interesting than others. Which subjects you like and which ones you don't come down to several variables, and one of them is your interest level.  There are lots of little changes you can make in your attitude toward Middle school and your academic habits to be a more successful student.

        The biggest barrier for most teens isn't how smart they are but how diligent they are about learning. And the most common problem new students have is that their study skills are not adequate for Middle school level classes. Studying for classes involves more than just "cramming the night before a test."

        Here you have some suggestions to improve your grade in History and Geography and other Secondary School courses.

   History & Geography - Study Skills and Tips 

Command Words. Undesrtanding the question
Principales instrucciones en ingles que aparecen en los ejercicios y exámenes. Inglés. PDF
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Making the Most of your Time
Cómo hacer y usar horarios de estudio. Inglés. PDF
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Studying Strategies
Consejos y técnicas de estudio. Inglés. PDF
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Doing Well in School
Consejos para sacar el máximo partido a tu paso por el IES, sin que suponga un problema para nadie. Inglés. PDF
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Resources for Understanding Study Skills
Página con recursos y direcciones útiles sobre estas cuestiones. Inglés. PDF
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Técnicas de estudio

.... los altísimos índices de fracaso escolar. En muchas ocasiones el fallo está en una carencia de hábitos y técnicas de estudio. 

How to Do Well in School

School is an important part of our lives, it also helps us determine what we will be in the future and there are many ways to improve our grades in this area.
Whether you are a failing student desperate for high grades or a less-than-perfect student struggling to get the last point, this guide is for you.

Making The Grade: Tips for Doing Well in Your Courses

 The pressure to succeed in high school can seem overwhelming to many students. This article discusses tips for doing well.

 Six Steps to Smarter Studying
             No one is born knowing how to study. You need to learn a few study skills and then practice them. Why work on your study skills? It will make it easier for you to learn and do well in class, especially as you move up to middle school and high school.

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