Rules & Tips

Rules and procedures are fundamental in life.
      We follow rules and procedures in our daily lives for things such us playing games, calling phone or turning on TV.

      There are also rules and procedures in your History and Geography Class. They ensure a positive atmosphere in the classroom, and contribute to a controlled and learning environment for everyone.

     On the other hand, everything we do in life has consequences. If you choose to run a red light, you must accept the consequences that come with it. Consequences are things that happen to you when you choose not to obey a rule.

      But above all these things, Secondary School is a big step up from Primary school. Secondary School is a time for growth, particularly intellectually. And maybe you feel challenged by the coursework and teacher expectations.     

         Most of times the biggest barrier isn't how smart you are but how diligent you are about learning. But there are lots of little changes you can make in your attitude toward Secondary school and your academic habits to be a successful student. 

        Here you will find the rules, procedures and expectations for your Bilingual History and Geography Class, and also some useful tips to do well in School and to improve your grades (Studying techniques, control time tecniques...):      

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