From Roaring to Crash - Videos & Movies


        These videos have been selected according to their historical content relevance and  their images. They are for you to watch, learn and enjoy; don´t give up if you don´t understand the telling contents: the documentary films weren´t selected mainly taking account of the English level.
        Anyway, most of them are not difficult, and some of them enable the subtitle option which could provide you a helpful support with some key words (but these transcriptions could contain some mistakes).

The "Roaring" 1920s

The "Roaring" 1920s . The purpose of this video is to show the main events and fashions of the 1920s.

Depression and the New Deal - USA 1929-1941

Depression and the New Deal - USA 1929-1941

The Wall Street Crash

The Wall Street Crash . It's a revision video for people studying the wall street crash and the depression that followed.

Stories from the Great Depression

Stories from the Great Depression. 28 min. The National Archives Southeast Region presents stories from survivors of the Great Depression overlaid with powerful pictures from era.