michael david cobb bowen

dad. architect. writer. entrepreneur.

michael bowen is currently engaged as a lead data architect for full360, building cloud architecture for handling business intelligence projects as they come.  

however in order to maintain the illusion that he is contributing to society in a responsible manner, he is 

A. (slowly) working on developing a framework for the next evolution in democratic thought: xrepublic. 

B. spewing various tech related blather at cubegeek.

C. debating current events ad infinitum at cobb.

D. writing a sci-fi novel.

E. inventing children's games.

bowen specializes in multidimensional database architecture and design for primarily for financial data warehouses. but any old structured data problem is interesting to me. 

he lives in redondo beach, ca in a big house full of love, family, a couple terabytes and a halfway decent library. 


technical interests:

  • ruby
  • aws
  • essbase
  • vertica
  • tdd
  • big data
other interests
  • beach volleyball
  • analytic philsophy
  • historical fiction
  • spycraft
  • jazz
  • motorsports
  • gustatory excess

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