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Philippian Jailbreak

07 March 2021

John Rhodes continues our Acts series preaching on Acts 16:25-40 when Paul and Silas are imprisoned in Philippi

We Need Kingdom Cures for Worldy ills

28 February 2021

Pastor Vincent continues our Acts series in Acts 16:16-24. We need to seek God to fix the injustices in this world as we see in Acts 16 when Paul and Silas are wrongfully arrested.

Compromise and the Church

29 Nov. 2020

Sometimes we have to sacrifice part of our culture or habits as a church or individual for the unity and fellowship of the church. The second part of Acts 15 and the resolution of the Council of Jerusalem demonstrate the early church doing so.

Following because we were first loved

22 Nov. 2020

Do you follow Jesus to be loved or because you're loved? How does understanding faith based in free grace change how we follow Jesus? Acts 15:1-18 explores the Jerusalem council and what it means for us.

Sunday 22 Nov.mp3

Position in the Mission

15 Nov. 2020

We are all called to participate in God's mission no matter our age, ability, or circumstances. James Wilde (ministry intern) preaches on Acts 14:21-28.


Jesus, Others, Me

08 Nov. 2020

Radical individualism is perhaps one of the most prevalent western gods. We discuss how in Acts 14:8-20 we are challenged to let Kingdom values reign over cultural gods and be Jesus, others, me sorts of people.


Guest Preacher: Tony Taylor

01 Nov. 2020

Tony Taylor joins us as part of the NBA ministry exchange. He gives us an encouraging look at how God has been using him and his church to use limited resources to make a kingdom impact.

Tony Taylor.mp3

Our Jewish-Christian History

25 Oct. 2020

As Christians we inherit a long history of Judaism, even as Gentiles. We are one people in Christ, and we have a great hope in the Messiah. Acts 13:42-14:7


A Better Story

18 Oct. 2020

We are challenged in Acts 13:13-41 to live a better story in Jesus than the staid narrative that culture tells us.


Kingdom Victory Over Darkness

11 Oct. 2020

What does it mean for us personally to see Jesus's victory over evil and death in our lives? Acts 13:4-12 addresses this as we see a sort of battle for the soul of Sergius and Paul between the kingdom and darkness. Jesus wins.

Sermon 18 Oct 20.wav

Hope in the Kingdom

27 Sept. 2020

We must not despair in difficulty or buy into the tribalism rife in our divided culture. Our hope is in the Kingdom of God firstly as citizens of Heaven. We look at Acts 12:19b-24 as Luke contrasts the death of Herod with the flourishing of the Church.

MBS Online Church 27th Sept.mp3

Pray Desperately for the Church

20 Sept. 2020

In Acts 12:1-19, we look at the church's desperate pleas for Peter's release and life after imprisonment, his miraculous release, and how we are to seek God in desperation during difficulties like we face now in Covid-19 and in the decline of the Church in the West.

MBC Online Church 20th September.wav

Generous like Jesus

13 Sept. 2020

Being generous like Jesus on the cross is an uniquely Christian idea. The believers in Antioch in Acts 11:27-30 are sacrificially generous to another body of Christ. As should we be with our time, talents, and treasures.

MBC Online Church 13th September.mp3

Deeper Before Wider

06 Sept. 2020

Sometimes we have to seek depth with God before we can go wide with mission. Acts 11:18-30 shows Paul and Barnabas staying with the Church in Antioch for a year making disciples, they went deep before they could go wide.


Kingdom Over Culture

30 Aug 2020

Do you place western cultures and ideas over the Kingdom of God? We look at Acts 11:1-18 and how the Jewish believers allow culture to take precedence over Kingdom in their initial response to Peter's Gentile gospel encounter. How have we done this in our own culture?


Expand Your Expectations of God

23 August 2020

Are your expectations of God and what he can do in your life and your church too small? Continuing the rest of Acts 10 with vv. 23-48, we explore how God may be calling us to pray bolder, bigger prayer for our church and to revise what we expect of Him.


God Ideas Over Good Ideas

16 August 2020

We return to the book of Acts in Acts 10:1-23. The call of Peter to Cornelius is a familiar narrative, but is something deeply of the wisdom of God over man. We want God ideas for his Kingdom and not just good ideas.

MBC Sunday Livestream 16th Sunday.mp3

Gathering as Church to Follow Jesus

9 August 2020

It is our first Sunday back meeting in-person after the coronavirus lockdown. We look at Hebrews 10:19-25 at the purpose of gathering as church, and why church community is crucial to our faith.

MBC Service 9th August.mp3

A Legacy of Jesus' Love and Truth

2 August 2020

We go to Tabitha and Aeneas's house in Acts 9:32-43. We go to a funeral. We are challenged to leave a legacy of Jesus' truth and love behind after we die.

Service 2 Aug.mp3

God's Redemptive Jiu Jitsu

26 July 2020

This week we explore Acts 9:19b-31 and see how God used Paul's brokenness for his Kingdom and how he still does that with us individually today. We joined Coulby Baptist the last two weeks and return this week to our Acts series.


God Loves and Likes the Unloveable

5 July 2020

Vincent preaches on Acts 9:1-19, Paul's conversion. God loves us and he likes us. We explore how Paul's conversion speaks to the level of God's love and forgiveness for him and for us as well.

MBC Service 5Jul.mp3

Point Others to Jesus

28 June 2020

Vincent preaches on Acts 8:26–40, Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch. We discuss our role in pointing others to Jesus and how we may best do this.

MBC Service 28tJune.mp3

Don't Use Godliness for Selfish Gain

21 June 2020

Vincent preaches on Acts 8:18-25. Simon the Samaritan seeks to buy God's gift for money so that he may have fame and power. We examine how this same temptation exists today and how we can seek to live holy servant-hearted lives.


One in Spirit: A Church Against Racism and Injustice

14 June 2020

Vincent preaches on Acts 8:9-17. We look at the Jewish and Samaritan Christians becoming one in the Spirit and see how this relates to current issues of racism and of ethnocentrism in our day.


Does Your Faith Bring You Joy?

7 June 2020

Vincent Preaches on Acts 8:4-8:8. We examine the joy of the Samaritans as they receive faith. We are challenged to examine our personal understanding of faith. Does it bring us joy?

MBC Service 7Jun.mp3

New Direction from Difficulty (How God uses trial to grow his church)

31 May 2020

Vincent preaches on Acts 7:54-8:4. Continuing the Acts series, we examine how God uses the tragedy of Stephen's death to do something new in the church (a kind of beauty from ashes). We then examine what that means for us in the midst of covid-19.

MBC Service 31MAY.mp3

Don't Miss the Point (What is God Doing in Your life?)

24 May 2020

Vincent preaches on Acts 7:1-53 and challenges us to not miss what God is doing in your life as the Sanhedrin and those accusing Stephen did.

MBC Service 24 05 20.mp3

Sticking with Jesus in Difficulty

17 May 2020

Vincent speaks on Acts 6:8-15 and examines the source of Stephen's courage in the face of persecution and suffering.


Spreading the Work: Deacons

10 May 2020

Vincent resumes the Acts series with chapter 6:1-7 on the founding of the office of deacon.

MBC Sunday Service 10May.mp3

The Un-defeatable Kindgom

19 April 2020

Vincent preaches on Acts 5:17-42 with another covid-19 closure preach, livestreamed from the church building.


Easter Sunday

12 April 2020

Vincent preaches on John 20:1-23 and the resurrection of Jesus for Easter. This is one of the covid-19 closure preaches.

Easter Sermon 2020.mp3

Palm Sunday

5 April 2020

Vincent preaches on Romans 8:34-39 for Palm Sunday.


Acts 5:12-16: A Respectable and Healing Presence

29 March 2020

Vincent Preaches the second livestream during the Covid-19 closures. The apostles heal many, and the church is called to be a respectable and healing presence in the world.


Acts 4:32-5:11: Let the Church be a Holy People

22 March 2020

Vincent preaches the first livestream sermon during the Covid-19 closures. Ananias and Sapphira's death is a warning that the church must preserve its witness to the world.

22MarSermon (

Acts 4:23-31: The Persecuted Church

15 March 2020

Vincent preaches through the next passage with a call to stand with persecuted Christians around the world


Romans 8:34-39: Palm Sunday, The Humble Conquering King

5 April 2020

Vincent Preaches another covid-19 lockdown sermon. It was Palm Sunday and we're celebrating our union with Christ and the way the brings us victory in Jesus.