The Studio & Spontans Meetup 

Chicago Oak-Park

What is the Theatre of Spontaneity?

Theatre of spontaneity is a form of 
dramatic art, born out of an aesthetic 
anxiety, as a consequence of 
questioning the classical theatre and 
a proposal of a new alternative, with 
improvisation as its specificity. 

Traditional and Experimental forms 
of Artistic Expression based on 
European School of Drama and 

Individual & Groups settings
Round table debates & Meetup 
Session: 90 minutes to 2 hours


A session is between 90 minutes to 
2 hours, focuses principally on one 
participant, named the protagonist, 
that interacts with the others and 
the director.

The plot is usually co-created by 
the actors and spectators as it is 
being enacted, although, certain 
written texts, (as Brecht’s ‘Learning 
Play’ or Gozzi's plays) encourages 
the active participation of the actors
and spectators to the creation of the 
plot. However, in the search for 
complete liberty of artistic expression 
no obstructive rule is imposed. 
For instance, there are other exercises 
called "Playback" where a written text 
or pre-enacted role is essential.

Spontaneity cannot live in routine, 
the "Spontans" are submerging 
beneath routinary self-comfort and 
explore the nature of artistic 
expression , with a self-motivated 
step-away of self-sufficiency or 
auto-control. "Self-surprising" 
adventure opens a path between 
the real and oneiric.

Visual Art Services @ 

Collaborative Performing Arts, 
Visual Mixed Media, 
Role Mirroring, Role Reversal, 
Doubling, Sociometry, Playback; 
Mise-en-Scene Stage/Film, Casting, 
Visual Production, Editing;
DVD transfer: Film Reel(8-16mm), 
Slides, Media Restoration