Property Appraisal

 Complete property appraisal of Edisto Beach Lot at 108 Palmetto Blvd.


Property Survey

Below is the complete PDF of the appraisal commissioned by owner on this property in September 2007. The Guerry Group is a well known and respected firm in the Colleton and Charleston County areas and had been recommended by several knowledgeable Realtors in the area as being a trusted authority. Please do not contact the company that completed the appraisal as they will not be able to answer any questions regarding this property. This data is being provided for the sole purpose of giving a potential buyer all the information they can use to reach an informed decision regarding this property and may not be used for any other other commercial purpose without written permission of property owner. The appraisal reports only the square footage of the property above the high water mark, however the official survey (found by selecting the link to the left), shows the platted property lines that extend even into the water that shows the full legal size of the property.