Research field

Our research focuses on the biology of the cell nucleus at electron microscopy, with particular attention to RNA transcription machinery in different models such as spermatogenesis, apoptosis and drug-induced transcriptional arrest in cell cultures. High resolution electron microscopy is utilized together with immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridization.

We are currently studying the modulation of transcription by means of physiologycal and induced models of transcriptional arrest and restart (spermatogenesis and early embryogenesis in the mouse) as well as the induction of hypometabolism in vitro and in vivo using molecules capable of mimicking hibernation. We have described the formation of RNP complexes we termed HERDS (Heterogeneous Ectopic RNP-Derived Structures) as a general phenomenon during transcriptional arrest and followed their formation.

Moreover, the biogenesis and movement of ribosomal subunits and pre-mRNA is studied in relation to the presence of nuclear actin and myosin and the possibility of energy-dependent transport in addition to diffusion mechanisms.

Movement of the small ribosomal subunit