**Approaching Multiple Choice

Do the 5-Step- How to approach multiple choice questions - 
practice at: 
www.RegentsPrep.org/ and use past Regents exams with their answer keys.
1. Trust the Light Bulb- If an answer jumps out at you, trust it.
Re-read/phrase the question to be clear about what it's asking you.
Identify key word(s) in the question and think about what comes to mind from these words.*
Eliminate obvious wrong answers.
Skip and mark to come back using the Guided Guessing Approach. Keep track of how many 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s you put for answers.
Guided Guessing Approach
When you come back it's time for guessing on those answers that you had no clue, that you skipped. Hopefully, there are only a handful left.
Know that standardized tests have pretty much the same number of answers for each choice 1, 2, 3, and 4. So, on a 50 question test you can expect 12 or 13 of each being the right answer.
Given that do the following:
1. count the number of each answer given. You could, for example have 12 1s, 10 2s, 13 3s, and 7 4s. 
2. note how many questions you left unanswered from step 5 above. In this case we have 7 (43 were answered).
3. find which number answers are lowest (here it's the 4s with only 7 used). If you have to guess, 4s are therefore your best bet.  
*I remind you that you cannot work in a void. This assumes you have some content knowledge of key terms, timeline sequence, and sense of geography to construct the general context (situation) relevant to the question. This is why vocabulary and content review is important. Use the flashcard exercise from Day 1 to help build you content base. Also use the RegentsPrep.org exercises to help you with content knowledge.