This is where you can find resources and activities to help prepare you for the U.S. History Regents exam given this August 14, 2013, 8:30 AM.

That's not a lot of time, so you will need to do regular study up until the exam.
In this review site you will be given strategies for preparing and taking the exam, as well as links to a variety/content differentiated online resources at your disposal to provide content and past exams. The activities are designed for a quick, self-paced/process differentiated, session (one week before the exam). However, the resources can be used over longer periods of time to prepare for an exam at a much later date. Effective review requires intense engagement. Therefore, there will be no lecture format (no direct instruction, other than now to navigate the site). I will act as facilitator. You engage and ask me questions as well as produce practice answers based on your individual needs (product differentiation). 

Let's be honest. Some of us will be ready to pass the exam in August and others won't be ready until January. You make this decision every day. Why? Because some of us will come to class regularly and focus on class work while others will not. 
See the sidebar (left) for daily agendas and related and supporting resources.
You can contact me at: through Jelfrank1@Gmail.com anytime for questions and comments.
John Elfrank-Dana, Instructor
Murry Bergtraum High School
NYC Department of Education
Lottie Almonte, Principal.