Evidence-based recommendations
 Our understanding of the brain, how it functions, and how we learn is advancing with incredible speed. We can now take pictures of the brain while it is thinking. We can see exactly what is happening, when and where. The outpourings of this burgeoning research field have deep implications for the work of educators. Some teaching practices are now being supported by clinical study while others are not.

Educational policy makers and teachers both want to be sure they are incorporating key research findings into their work with children. Researchers want their findings to be translated into practical application. This website attempts to help join the fields of research with educational practice and policy.

There is great potential to expand this site but we are beginning with some fundamental and practical topics:

  • Advocate for early childhood programs that meet the developmental needs of the young child
  • Form partnerships between schools and local universities to create lab schools where research into best teaching practices is ongoing (and results are published)
  • Familiarize yourself with the components of clinical studies by reading the APA Publication Manual and Research Essentials
  • Read research journals at your library
  • Observe in private and public schools of varied pedagogy

Last updated 3/2013 by Julia Volkman