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Thanks for the amazing response to my google "san diego fire map"! 

25 OCT 07 : 0913

Wow! My humble little map passed a quarter of a million views!

Updates on Qualcomm, San Diego, life, and my thoughts on some things:

  • Thank all of you from all over the world for your well-wishes and thanks about my map! I'm very glad to have contributed to "life". I've gotten 200+ e-mails and once I've gotten caught up a bit, I'll write back to say hi and thanks to each. :)
  • 25 OCT : People not directly impacted by the fires have returned to work. That means like 80% or more people. I woke up to the smell of fire; otherwise, my little world is back to normal. Well, on the outside anyway - in the mind is another story.
  • Thankfully, the local talk radio shows are continuing on with "fire stuff" -- in a good way. Processing it all. Working through it. Having listeners tell good stories along with the bad.
    • One lady called in about her 87 year old grandma who missed the evac call. She rode out the fire, frequently on the non-powered rotary phone with relatives. She did get evacuated and that's another long story, but end result: she's with family and safe. And hers was 1 of 3 homes in that area not burned flat. Yikes. I don't know if I could have done that! I start twitching when the internet takes too long to do a domain lookup. :|
    • Another guy called who lost everything and was trying to learn what to do next. Heard about FEMA but was otherwise totally unaware. He was renting a trailer; woke up and left. All he has is himself, the clothes on his body, and a truck with almost no fuel. Other listeners called in with how to talk to FEMA and what to expect. That would be San Diego's "Jack 100.7"
  • Apline and Crest: wow, they're getting it bad. Anytime there's a fire, they get worked over. :( And it's happening again. It's like that area is to fire like trailers are to tornados: magnets. :(  
  • Fire: The witch fire seems to have curled around to the east then south (to the above referenced Alpine area). The Harris fire is ravaging the area in east county south of the 8. This is wonderful area where I would go for motorcycle rides. Well, and the whole Ramona, Santa Ysabel, 78, 79, 76, Palomar all that. I've seen these roads, gazed at the ranches and peoples' homes.
  • Weather: much better today! Was almost chilly last night and this morning. I'm wearing a sweatshirt in my shop and the thermostat says it's 74 degrees. This is good for trying to control the fire, as now it is a "normal fire" and not being fueled and pissed off by The Great Winds From the East.
  • Wednesday, the 24th: was surreal. In some ways, it was as if nothing had happened. The local radio channels were back to their normal coverage. I normally don't watch TV, so I don't know about that. On the drive in to work, I take the same exit as Qualcomm stadium, and I could see in the parking lot. It looked like a normal game day and everyone is out starting up a tailgate party. From what I've heard in the news, folks at "The Q" are in good spirits -- and trying to make it like a tailgate party.
  • When leaving work (around 7:30pm) I got on the freeway as a convoy of fire trucks exited from I-15 to I-8 east. :-| Ugh.


- Chris



The Big News:

Officials at 6:30 pm news conference on 23 OCT said today the fires within San Diego mostly stayed within their boundaries.




1924 OCT 23 Sign Off

Now that the firefighters have a slight break due to better weather, officials are able to provide much better info to the news agencies.

I'll tidy up the info here and everyone should go look at the incredible KPBS map:,-116.924744&spn=1.029693,1.867676&z=9&om=1

And because the tide of e-mails have changed from "thank God the entire city isn't in ashes" to "mis-information can be as dangerous as no information" I'll stop trying to share with others a personal map I used for my own wellbeing.

It's good, too, since I need to get back to work. :)


-- All info below might not be relevant past 23 OCT 2007 -- 


San Diego Fires Updates 

I'm thankful to be able to "sit here and watch tv" and update my map to share info with others. Here is the link to my google map. Mostly the information is from 7/39 or websites and I'm updating while working at my desk. When not at a TV, I listen to KOGO radio, broadcast live and also on the internet: Destroyed homes list from 7/39:


Update Log:

  • Officials at a news conference said today the fires within San Diego mostly stayed within their boundaries.
  • 1930 : the weather has calmed enough for now that the fires are "behaving" and most officials are lightening their worry about the Witch Creek and Harris fires.
  • 1930 hours 23 OCT : 7/39 reports that Harris fire still immediately threatens some 1500 homes and another 4500 are potentially in reach.
  • Pulled back the western edges of the fire in Rancho Santa Fe based on emails and KPBS map. I'll be linking the map after dinner. 
  • 1816 : on my map: red fire zone near I-15 and Lake Hodges revised based on below report from via rancho pkwy
  • 1816 : Julian : prepare to evacuate
  • 1816 : Palomar Mountain : mandatory evacuation of 260 residents. Palomar Mt is on fire but hasn't reached the top yet. Flames are huge and are up to the 4000 mark along South Grade Road. (7/39 reporter) 
  • 1813 : 23 OCT firefighters LINE : 7/39 live interview at intersection of Via Rancho and Eucalyptus. They want to make a stand here, worried that any fire getting into this neighborhood would make it hard to save any of them.

    Focus story: he said a firefighter walked into a home just to see how things are and found that there was fire inside the walls! So they were able to save that home. (camera icon added to map)
  • 1800 : 23 OCT : Updated Voluntary evac area west of Rancho Santa Fe (purple) according to 7/39 news graphic. 
  • Destroyed homes list from 7/39:
  • email rcv'd: Eddie 5:11 pm : Comfirmed fire on board camp pendleton, camp horno fully evac'ed. 
  • News Factiods 7/39 5:30pm news: (quoted as from the AP)
    San Diego:
    Witch fire claimed 600 homes, 200,000 acres burned
    Harris fire - 200 homes
    Valley Center quickly from 200 to 23000 acres
    5 fatalities

    Wider areas:  (I believe they said all of California)
    Rice and Rosa fires are threatening to combine. All residents need to evacuate via Camp Pendleton's "Ammunition Road"

    910,000 people have evacuated; largest US peacetime evacuation. 400k acres burned, 8000 firefighters working (without rest) 
  • 1730 : 23 OCT : NBC Nightly News' Brian Williams is broadcasting from a burned out block in San Diego. They didn't say, but appears to be Rancho Bernardo.

    The media is showing a melted Mercedes, highlighting how the windows melted and the aluminum wheels melted and flowed 2 or 3 feet and then reformed.
  • 1726 : 7/39 is reporting that Spring Valley is not under immediate threat of fire -- that "it appears out", which I take to mean that the small portion of the Harris fire facing people is contained. Otherwise, I consider this fire still wild and have heard no figures about % containment.
  • 1725 OCT 23 : This area in Poway (green) was from a map on 7/39 as being open for residents to return. :) 
  • Street fatality: 94 E and I-15N connector. :(  Right 4 lanes closed.  
  • 1615 : 7/39 shows helicopters dropping water on Harris Fire near Spring Valley but reporters say showing heavy black smoke coming up from "behind the hill" (on the south or south east side)
  • North Jamul added to evacuation area for Harris Fire.  
  • Camp Pendleton housing area voluntary evacuations: these housing neighborhoods: DeLuz, Oneil heights, serra mesa : go to page field or staff nco club, bring your own food, pillows, blankets if possible
  • 1600 : weather update : temps are declining slowly ... will be mid 70s tomorrow while was 90s yesterday.
  • Solana Beach allowed to return. 
  • 1546 : 7/39 reporter is driving along Hwy 76 near Palomar Mountain and shows live flames, large smoke plumes, and feels strong heat from recently burned areas. Reports seeing air tankers at 1600 as well as fire crews from north california and many other regions. They're trying to drive to top of Palomar Mountain and are seeing all kinds of fire on the way.
  • 1546 : Added fire spot near Oceanside based on e-mail at 0730 this morning : Julius V - I live in Oceanside and I was on my way to work when I saw a fire off the North bound side of the freeway next to the Rest stop just after Los Plunges Exit. There was a Truck there with a guy on the phone. But no fire trucks on there way.
  • New EVACuation orders : Hwy 67 corridor : Ramona to Lakeside is closed due to fire threat. Also for North Jamul (bordered by sweetwater river & lyons valley)
  • Much air fighting against fires near Lake Hodges. Spot fires 
  • Corrected at 1557, No, was wrong. Rohr Park can handle about another 50 horses!
  • 1536: Pauma Valley update : extended fire zone near Palomar Mountain to area of 76 based on video on 7/39 
  • 1530 : Ramona is without water. :(  There was a mechanical part failure and they're without water. They're working on Mt Woodson (?) Lots of aircraft working out of Ramona airport to drop retardant on the fires.
  • NO EVAC in Rancho San Diego area : 7/39 says that was a mistake in reverse 911 process. 
  • Expanded evacuation area south of 56 near Del Mar. (email from Barbara M - there is a mandatory evac south of 56, east of black mtn, north of sorrento valley blvd, to the ocean )
  • 7/39 shows US Navy helicopters doing water bucket drops along with Cal Fire north of lake hodges. 
  • Del Mar Fairgrounds no longer accepting pets. 
  • 1430 : Harris Fire being pushed away from Chula Vista by winds, helping. 
  • 1417 : reverse 911 system issuing mandatory evacuations for Rancho San Diego. Saying to go to Qualcomm Stadium. Most recent 7/39: palomar mountain and valley center, harmony grove, pine hills and wynola rd in Julian (evac to borrego springs h.s.). La Jolla reservation area. Pauma Valley, Deer Springs, Hidden Meadows, parts of Vista
  • San Marcos isn't under evac, so I moved the brown zone away from there. (email from resident, Bill - thx!)
  • Qualcomm Stadium is overrun with donations, please give checks to City Treasurer Fire Fund. Instead take donations to Granite Hills High School. 
  • 1400 : updated by Lake Hodges to north west across Del Dios Hwy
  • Hotel rooms are filling up and news is saying to seek help on Craigslist for help. Additionally, if you want to help, post an offering there. 
  • 1400 :  7/39 reports that santa ana winds are weakening, so the wind warning is changing to wind advisory, which is an improvement. BUT now there are on shore air currents AND even though the high pressure is weakening, it is moving inland, which causes hot desert air to circulate around through the mountains, where air is channeled. So, not a complete break, but improvement. Humidity is getting better, rising into the double digits. Winds are 5~10mph less than yesterday.
  • 1400 : Del Mar Solana Beach along coast evac lifted west of 5.
  • 1400 : Palomar "Cuyama" fire is new and strong, headed to the north west. Pala is to evacuate to the west, not to Palomar. 

Allowed "Back In" to your neighborhoods:

  • North Eastern Chula Vista residents evacuated can go home again. 
  • Del Mar Heights to west of 5
  • Scripps Ranch 
  • Rancho Bernardo & Poway : can go in but only for meds, etc. (you may need proof of residence)
  • Solana Beach 
  • Carlsbad : all evacuations lifted south of Palomar Airport Road (1813 230CT) 

Donations and help:

Poway needs food.
Serra Mesa Christian Fellowship needs bedding, cots
Chula Vista

Doesn't need food:

Useful Links:

Evacuation centers:
SignOn's fire Blog:
Kogo news is a radio channel with internet broadcast:
(put more here)

When e-mailing with a new DATA POINT, please put that in the subject. Example: In Rancho San Diego, I just left ________ st at _____ st and I saw flames. And I'll try to update the map.

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