Extra Curricular

This page is the repository for all things that happen outside of the classroom. 
They are important to who I am at HCC and the various roles I assume. 
Thinking about the many roles and responsibilities I have at the College, there seems to be an underlying thread.  I feel I have been tapped to organize people and projects to achieve measurable goals.  In order to explain, I'll consider two major roles I have been assigned to:  Coordinator and Globalizing the Curriculum BUCO representative.  Both have required me to think long term and not necessarily linearly.  I have had to simultaneously think about the needs of many consitutents--students, faculty and administration.  Both have measurable goals (achieve a level of student success and establish a framework for creating global students, respectively) and require a great deal of both strategic and tactical thinking.  From "30 thousand feet" what can we expect of a globally competent student and "with boots on the ground" what can faculty do in the classroom on a daily basis? 
I truly enjoy my role as organizer and leader.  These roles are very rewarding and energizing.  I look foward to being an even greater part of the fabric of HCC as I continue on my career path.

With the Fall 2008 semester hiring, I began coordinating for BMGT 100 Introduction to Business.  At this point, I coordinate a number of courses and share the responsibility for coordinating all BMGT courses with Judith Kizzie.  My goal as a coordinator is to insure that students recieve the same high quality of instruction whether they take the course at 8 a.m. or 8 p.m.  I also strive to improve instruction among the adjuncts by connecting them to the craft of teaching.  I was an adjunct from 2002 to the Fall of 2007 when I became a full time instructor.  I have used my experiences as an adjunct to guide my initial decisions as coordinator. 
Among accomplishments that I consider signficant is the move toward CE6 for all adjunct faculty as a means to organize and deliver content.  This has been an evolving task, the primary purpose of which is to provide a resource for students that is helpful and easy to use.  At a minimum, faculty must post the syllabus, class assignments and grades to the CE6 site.  They should use the email function to communicate with students (given its security, it is the only way to communicate grades and insure privacy).  This is a steep learning curve for some faculty.  However, with training developed and disseminated by Rose Volynskiy and me, the effort has been reasonably successful.  Student feedback is positive.  As more faculty in all divisions reach for this resource, it will only become more familiar to students.  Many faculty have become much more sophisticated in their use of CE6 including discussion board postings, chats, assessments and group organization through this tool.  I strive to provide sustainability throughout the curriculum for the courses I coordinate as well.  There have been unfortunate events where faculty are unable to meet for class.  Technology has provided one answer to moving the class forward.
Through a cooperative effort of all willing faculty (everyone participated), we chose a new textbook for BMGT 100.  This was an interesting process to explore and one that I feel with modest changes could be adapted as a best practice.  Each faculty member reviewed the material from three textbooks and made recommendations.  We heard presentation from each sales team.  The adjuncts facilitated the discussion evaluating the textbooks.  In the end, the final decision was put in writing by me, but was really a collaborative effort.  This was an important consideration when we hit some bumps in the road with the first use of the textbook.  To use a much overworked word, the process empowered the faculty, gave them ownership, and demonstrated trust in their knowledge.
College Responsibilities
I have served on many committees since I joined HCC as fulltime faculty.  
  • The Book Connection
  • Veterans Outreach
  • Adult Learners
  • Adult Learners Marketing Committee
  • Globalizing the Curriculum
  • FLC with CCBC for Globalizing the Curriculum
  • BUCO Tech Committee
I have worked on various projects within and outside of the BUCO division.
  • BUCO Marketing Committee
  • CEBE website
  • CE6 resources for Business Coaches
  • As a business coach
  • Marketing for the TAP program
  • Co-op faculty advisor
  • Outcome assessment project for BMGT 130 and for the Division Outcomes Assessment
  • Offering Professional Development workshops on bringing real-world projects into the classroom and using Google Docs
  • Speaking at the Howard County Public Library as part of HCC's outreach to small business "Identifying your Small Business' Target Market"
  • Co-curricular teaching lesson with David Buck from English
  • TLI website revision for the Globalizing the Curriculum effort
  • Gateway course evaluation
I have developed the curriculum for two courses (course objectives were predetermined).
  • CMSY 212 Virtual Process Management
  • BMGT 200  Managing for the Future
I have spoken at two conferences.
  • The MDCADA Student Leadership Conference (October 2008) on "Ethics in Leadership"
  • AFACCT Conference, January 2009 Helping Students "Get It:" Complex Current Events and Dynamic Learning