Mary Beth Furst
As the end of my third year as a full time faculty member draws to a close, it seems appropos to reflect upon where I have been and where I am headed at Howard Community College.  Most importantly, I have grown as a  teacher.   I have also taken opportunities to coordinate, develop curriculum and assume roles outside of the division.  This website attempts to capture and reflect upon my experiences.
There are three aspects of my life that have had profound affects on my teaching.  I completed my BBA and MBA at Loyola University in Baltimore (1988 and 1992, respectively). I count among my mentors my undergraduate and graduate marketing professor, Dr. Doris Van Doren, who passed away in the spring of 2009.  She has routinely surfaced in various places in my professional life.  And, through her, I learned what a wonderful, caring teacher can do for a student.
I spent nearly 18 years at Pfizer in various sales and management roles and prior to that, a brief period following undergraduate graduation at an advertising agency.   Working for a pharmaceutical giant that rose from obscurity to the largest in the industry has provided many first-hand experiences that I share with my students. 
Finally, among my inspirations is my husband, Greg.  His exceptional talent in business has often afforded me with experiences I live through vicariously and bring into the classroom. 
Masters of Business Administration Loyola College of Maryland (now Loyola University) 1992
Hired as Instructor into the BUCO Division in 2007
Performance and MAPS Achievement
2007-2008 Excellent
2008-2009 Outstanding