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MOST POWERFUL application to protect you from autorun viruses!
Did you ever wonder, why is anyone talking about so dangerous USB drives? Why can't you protect yourself from thousands (!) of viruses that are spreading only by your flash drive? Today there are many programs that can be in your memory, waiting for any new flash drive connected, finding viruses on it and removing them. But isn't it better just to VACCINATE your drive once and forever? No more viruses. No more danger.

About this program. Short FAQ.

USB Defender was developed to be extremely easy in use. You can see just two buttons on it: "Protect" and "Unprotect". First button you are using to vaccinate your drive, second - to remove protection. After selecting any drive, program automatically detects, if there is any protection active and only one button will be available for you. Also you have a checkbox there, which is to choose, what level of protection use. If you put a tick on it - you 'll need administrative rights on your PC to protect (and then, if needed, unprotect) USB drive. BUT using Pro way of protection is MUCH more secure and protect you with 99.999999999(9)%.

Also, you can see a mark of your USB protection. If you don't use Pro method, you can't achive 5/5 protection but you'll be able to REPROTECT flash whenever you'll have admin account.

If there is any autorun.inf file on your drive, corresponding sentence will start blinking. This was done to warn you, when you are going to protect drive with AUTORUN function, that may be useful (like running menu program at moment stick is inserted).

USB Defender is fully portable - so you can take it with you wherever you want.

NOTE!: Previous versions of USB Defender does't support current (1.1). With current version you CAN easily unprotect previous kind of protection.

Possibilities and advantages:
  • Fully portable
  • Much more powerful and easy then Panda USB Security, USB Threat Defender and else
  • Supports ANY Windows file system
  • Absolutely free
  • Impossibly easy GUI interface
  • Protection auto-detect function
  • Very fast in work
  • Only one exe-file
  • Most powerful protection of all similar programs
  • TOTALLY clean
  • And, totally free

Version History:
16.06.2010 - 1.2:
  • !!! No bugs and no errors while protecting old drives. Critical error fixed. !!!
  • Background color fixed to support different themes.
  • Using virtual memory instead of static to avoid specific errors in reading drive.
  • !!! Error fixed when protecting drive with high root-cluster number. !!!
  • No need to put off and on your drive when some error appears (hope ull have no errors from now...)
  • Memory leak fixed
  • Few small bugs fixed

03.05.2010 - 1.1F:
  • Hotfix version. Critical error, caused some drives (with big amount of files in root directory) to fall down, was fixed. If you considered this trouble, contact me via form.
  • Memory leak fixed
30.04.2010 - 1.1:
  • New kind of supF-protection for any FAT drives
  • Supports any similar programs protection (you are able to reprotect or unprotect)
  • Auto detecting of privileges
  • Two levels of protection - simple and PRO
  • Five stars in order to define protection state
  • Uneditable list
  • Better recognition of inserted drives
  • No more unmounted drives
  • Improved supF-protection for NTFS
  • Decreased file size and RAM using
  • Ability to REPROTECT not 5M-protected drives (means five-mark-protected)
  • All found bugs fixed
  • No more viruses
  • A lot of minor changes
30.03.2010 - 1.0:
  • improved protection in times
  • new interface
  • decreased exe size
  • own combo
  • shows drive's letter, label and file system
  • only flash drives shown
  • removed note about another program protection (see in next version ;-))
  • all found bugs fixed
24.03.2010 - RC1:
  • first release

Program is VIRUS FREE. Checked with


System requirements:

CPU400 MHz
Space1 MB
ElseMonotype Corsiva font

Download it now!

P.S. Program doesn't protect from viruses that are hiding folders and creating same-named exe files!