Zürich - Switzerland

Prof. Marcelo Becker (D.Sc.) 

Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland and an important commercial centre in Europe. It's history goes back to the Roman Empire. Museums, theaters, churches, and opera houses enrich the cultural life of the city, that is also famous for its highly respected universities, industries, and banks. Zürich has an extreme variety of possibilities for night-time-leisure: you can find wonderful Restaurants, Clubs, and Bars in Niederdorf District.  

In Zürich I fell like at home. It is an old lovely story... The first time I went to Zürich was in 1997. After that, in 1999 I spent eigth months as a Guest Student at ETH. In 2005 I did a city-tour with Sandra on 25th December. It was great!!

  ETH Zürich, Grossmünster, and Fraumünster Church are some of the city beauties...

... and the wonderful view of the city at night!

 We had a pleasent walk in the morning of December 25th. We really loved it!

The IfR home: CLA Building at Tannenstrasse 3.