Rapperswil, Switzerland

Prof. Marcelo Becker (D.Sc.) 


Rapperswil is a small town located at east side of the Zürich lake. Its main sights are its roses, the castle, the reconstructed wooden bridge to Hurden with its bridge chapel, and a Capuchin monastery. The castle of Rapperswil probably dates back to the 13th century but the settlements in the region date back at least 5000 years. The castle dominates the old town and is placed on a hill. On the lands surrounding the castle deer are kept. Since 1870 to the castle has been home to the National Polish Museum, created by emigrants (including owner of the castle - Władysław earl Broel-Plater). It is a wonderful place!

Three wonderful views of the city: the pier, the castle tower, and the view of the lake.

The weather, the sorroundings and the people we met made this trip a remarkable moment.