Fortaleza, Brazil

Prof. Marcelo Becker (D.Sc.) 


What makes Fortaleza so special? Maybe, it’s the mix of the calmness of the beaches and the liveliness of the nightlife. The city began with the construction of the São Sebastião Fort and was built by the Portugueses in the beginning of the 1700s. After being used as a shelter for many battles against indians and pirates, the fort was taken over by the Dutches who maintained their control for several years. When the Portugueses finally recuperated the control over the fort, it started to be called "Fortaleza Nossa Senhora da Assunção". 

Today Fortaleza is a modern city, with approximately one million inhabitants. It is plenty of options for those who like the night life. Who don’t like “forró” that much and don’t intend to learn to dance it, can look for bars and also “Centro Cultural Dragão do Mar”, which always has an interesting cultural program. 

I've been in Fortaleza a couple of times. For sure, I'm planning to go there again...

 Volta da Jurema, Futuro beach, and the night view of the Meirelles beach.