Florianópolis, Brazil

Prof. Marcelo Becker (D.Sc.) 


Before 1500, the coast side of Santa Catarina was inhabited by tupis-guaranis indians. The first portugueses arrived to the place where Florianópolis is placed today, still during the beginning of the 16th century, but they used “Ilha de Santa Catarina” just as a point for water supply and food provisioning. Today Florianópolis attracts tourists from all over the world, interested in its natural beauties and historical patrimony. It’s one of the cities with the best life quality of Brazil and reference when the topic is nature’s preservation, since 40% of the island territory remains covered by “Mata Atlântica” (Tropical forest). Florianópolis also has one of the best Brazilian Universities - Federal Uniersity of Santa Catarina (UFSC).

There are more than a hundred beaches, so it’s difficult to choose the best among so many paradisiacal options. And nobody gets unsatisfied, since there are alternatives with calm or agitated sea, thin or thick sand, crowded or almost desert beaches. At night, the bars around “Lagoa da Conceição” are the meeting point.


I went to Florianópolis many times for conferences and holidays and I can tell you this is a place where I could live...


 Two views of the Conceição Lake and the Sand dunes near Joaquina Beach. 

The two bridges that link Florianópolis to the continent.