Sondage Infrarouge de Mouvement Propre (Infrared Survey for Proper Motion)

    The principal goal of the SIMP project is to unveil new close-by brown dwarfs by searching for high proper motion objects in the near-infrared sky. We used the 2MASS point source catalog as a first epoch, and built an infrared wide-field camera (CPAPIR) to undertake observations of the whole sky for a second epoch Mauna Kea standard's J-band. We have covered 35 % of the sky at the CTIO telescope for the southern hemisphere and at Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic for the northern hemisphere, between 2005 and 2009. Candidates with high proper motions and colors consistent with brown dwarfs were then followed up spectroscopically with GNIRS, NIRI and SpeX to confirm their nature and spectral types.

    We are currently working on a paper to release approximately 120 new brown dwarfs with their near-infrared spectra. When this paper is submitted, we will use this page as a repository for this large amount of data.

    We also plan on offering individual CPAPIR exposures from the SIMP project through a collaboration with the CADC