David Lafrenière



Département de physique
Université de Montréal
C.P. 6128, Succursale Centre-Ville
Montréal, QC
Canada   H3C 3J7

Phone : 514-343-6128
Fax : 514-343-2071
Email : david.lafreniere (AT) astro (DOT) umontreal (DOT) ca
Office : D-434

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    The main interests of Professor David Lafrenière’s research group relate to the study of exoplanets. This active field of astronomy aims at establishing the prevalence and diversity of planetary systems in our galaxy, at understanding how these systems form and evolve, at comprehending the physics involved in their atmosphere and interior, and ultimately, at detecting traces of life elsewhere in the universe. The group’s work is primarily performed using infrared imaging techniques that allow detecting the planets directly, and then measuring their physical properties. To successfully "see" these very faint planets located right next to their host star, which can be several million times brighter, it is necessary to continually develop new observation and image processing techniques and even to build new instruments. With the current technology, it is possible to detect gas giant planets with orbits of the outer solar system’s size or larger. In addition to direct imaging of planets, Professor Lafrenière’s research group is also interested in the characterization of "hot Jupiter" planets by using transit/eclipse spectrophotometry and transit timing. The group is also involved in studies of brown dwarfs, in stellar and substellar multiplicity studies, and in the search and characterization of new young low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in the solar neighborhood.

Graduate Students
Looking for young very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in nearby moving groups. (2010 - NOW)
Study of substellar companions in the Upper Scorpius formation region. (2010-NOW)

PHY3030 Supervision
  • Sylvain Bossé
Preparatory study for the realisation of an exo-satellites survey through transit timing (2011)
  • Frédérique Baron
I-band photometry for young low-mass stars. (2011)
  • Charles Lafrenière-Bérubé
Conception of an observation simulator for transit exoplanet spectroscopy with NIRISS on JWST. (2011)
Selection of young stars for exoplanet researchs with JWST. (2010)
Re-analyzing HST data with the LOCI algorithm. (2009)


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  • PhD Thesis - Survey for of giant planets around close-by stars by direct imaging and optimization of a multi-band imaging technique. [PDF - French]
  • Predoc - Synthesis of theoric and observational knowledge on extrasolar planetary systems. [PDF - French]