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Welcome to our shared resource site! Share three of your favorite resources for teaching and learning. Summarize each resource. 


Online Resources for Students


  1. Click on create a page.
  2. Name the page: Your first name, first letter of last name.
  3. Keep "Web Page" as the "Select a template to use..."
  4. Put page "under home".
  5. Click on "Create" to create your page.
  6. Share 3 resources you use regularly with students and include how you use each. Please also include a link to each. To add a link:
    1. Highlight the title of the text you want to link.
    2. Click on "Insert Menu".
    3. Select "link"
    4. Click on web address.
    5. Paste in link and check box that says "Open in new Window".
    6. Click OK.
  7. Embed and/or link to a video that provides an overview/tutorial of one of the resources.
  8. Extra Credit-if you have a student sample please embed and/or link.
Lost on this?? View the tutorial on Google Sites.