Children & Young People

It’s clear that counsellors need to use different ways of working with children and young people to those we use with adults. Sitting down and inviting them to talk with us is unlikely to be effective.

Instead, we may provide opportunities for young clients to play-using miniature animals, a sand tray, or art activities.  Hopefully, over time, this provides a relationship and an environment where therapeutic change can happen. You can find out more about this in the video.

When working with children and young people, I am happy to talk with parents first, without their son or daughter present if preferred. This gives parents a chance to meet me, see the environment I work in, discuss their concerns and ask any questions.

'Michelle has been working with my daughter who had been having anxiety and anger issues.  She has been a fantastic help, teaching her how to deal with them through different techniques.  My daughter is so much happier due to working with Michelle's coping strategies.  This has had a big impact on my daughter and general family life’.

‘It (counselling) has helped me feel more confident and happier’ 'The best things about counselling were the sheets that made me write what I liked about myself and the drawing activities. I have learned that I can be confident and that other people are nervous too.’ Client aged 12