What happens?

Many issues lead people to decide to see a counsellor. Depression, anxiety are common problems. It may be lack of confidence, or because of a bereavement. You may be struggling with bullying, a difficult relationship, parenting, caring for someone, anger issues or an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

It may just be that you need some time and space in your week to talk something through with someone who will listen, understand and support you.

Counselling is a process in which the client and counsellor work together to identify and achieve the client’s goals. It gives people the opportunity to share anything they choose to with someone who won’t judge them or give advice, but will support them to make their own decisions. 
Hopefully, as the work progresses, both parties will gain understanding and perspective of the situation and the client will have an opportunity to explore their feelings, thoughts and choices at this time. Everything discussed will be confidential unless a risk of harm is identified.

What next?
I’ve found it helpful if the first contact is a no–commitment conversation, which can be done on the phone. The aim of this is to help us both decide if working together feels like the right thing to do and gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have. 

If you decide you want to proceed, then we can make an appointment at a mutually convenient time and venue. I currently use a room off Caerleon Rd. Newport.

Your appointment will be confirmed, by phone or e-mail and I’ll send a copy of the contract I use for you to read through before we meet.

Counselling may be long or short-term depending on your goals, needs and preferences.