About Mount&Blade

Created by indie Turkish game design company TaleWorlds, Mount&Blade offers an action/RPG play style unique from its more conventional counterparts - mounted FP/TPS combat without any magic-management. This means no spells, no potions, no enchanting - just some good ol' fashioned swords-and-spears for a highly realistic medieval combat experience.

Mount&Blade takes place in Calradia, a continent in the midst of bloody wars between factions somewhere in the milieu of the medieval era. You are a lone adventurer who, from humble beginnings, is left to fend for him/herself in the midst of terrible conflict. Hone your combat skills, gather an army, and wage war for whatever cause you judge to be righteous.

Mount&Blade Warband is a standalone expansion of the original game, sharing the same medieval setting of Calradia. Warband features a redesigned game map and an entirely new faction, as well as a host of graphics, gameplay, and mechanics changes. Warband also features a PvP multiplayer mode for team-based deathmatches.

Calradia: Yellow - Nords, Green - Vaegirs, Blue - Rhodoks, Orange - Swadia, Violet - Khergits
Courtesy of the Taleworlds Forum; map created by User: 13 Spider Bloody Chain.

This guide will walk you through choosing a play style, the basic character creation screen, assigning skills and proficiencies, and, most importantly, playing to your build's strengths. This includes the optimum armor and weapon sets, party strategies, and faction recommendations.

This guide is *not* the be-all-and-end-all way to play - your best adventuring experience will come through

Not that I'm condoning the piracy of video-games, but this is one game you really should buy, if only to support the indie game designers and the amazing job they've done here.

*** UPDATE *** 
New Mount&Blade Warband Content has been added!

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