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What is the most discussed topic for any youngster like us? Simple. Its Women or Love or Relationship or Sex. First question my friends when they phone ask is,"Any Gfs?". When all guys sit together, Sex is discussed for atleast 80% of the time. When girls sit together topic of the discussion revolves around relationship and love. So i thought i shall dedicate a page on this. Something so important to our lives. So essentially i will write what i think and feel about something. i.e what i think of  love or women. So no way i am offending anybody's sentiments. It's just my point of view. I take great interest to understand women. And honestly i dont have even iota of understanding. So i read books, read magazines, talks to them, understand them and still am so unclear. Anyways over a period of time i have collected all this gyan and now i present it to you for a reading.


Why women try to change you?


The woman you love will tell you about them. In good times, she will tell you them with an air of pity, as though the circumstantial evidence is heavily against you but she is going to find you in your favor. In bad times, these will be spat in your face.


Your women probably see you as her kind of ore. The man she wants is inside you and she is going to make sure that he finds his way out of the hulking slagheap that you represent yourself in your current self. In most cases, she wants to change your taste in ties, in friends, in books, in clothes, in hobbies, in films, in the way you spend your evenings, in the way you stash your shorts and vests, and the way you invest your money. But once she’s finished with these minor things, she’ll get down to your interior landscape.


Whose work is difficult?


  • Man’s health is never an issue
  • No one to  pass on the wisdom of the tribe
  • Man’s work is difficult, but part of the old image has been a silence about that
  • Complaining, emoting is not part of it


Why do we get married?


·        Recreational needs (Romance, Sex)

·        Procreational needs (Produce offspring)

·        Abreactional needs (Sense of catharsis or subconscious desire to release one’s emotional stress)




Tips about discussing previous affair with the current:


Q- Tell me about your first love?

Ans- I can’t remember.

  • Don’t denigrate it
  • Don’t expatriate on its mind-blowing nature
  • Don’t tell what you did for her



What attracts?


  • Handsomeness – attracts
  • Intelligence – interests
  • Humor – amuses
  • Attentiveness – flatters
  • Generosity – pleases
  • Honesty – surprises
  • Thoughtfulness – wins



How to pick up a girl?


  • She is surprised, when everyone is staring at her but you are unmoved.
  • She feels hungry , when you talk sweetly with her friends
  • She wants you more when you swiftly draw back your eyes on the sight of a girl.
  • She feels shy when she finds you watching her beauty stealthily
  • She feels sad when you show no attraction for her
  • She feels angry when you show no response to her beauty, but other’s eyes are filled with worship
  • She feels uncomfortable, if you don’t recognize her
  • She feels deprived when you don’t notice her charm.



How to break ice with girls? Watch out these cues:


  • Eyebrow flash (Raising & lowering + eye contact + smile)
  • Lip lick (Running tongue)
  • Short darting glance
  • Hair flip
  • Coy smile
  • Whisper to friend’s ear
  • Primp (Clothes are patted/smoothed without reason)
  • Skirt hike
  • Object caress(Fondles her keys/ pen/ stuff)
  • Solitary dance/help



Nine ways to make people like you?


  • Don’t criticize, condemn or complain
  • Be honest and sincere
  • Arouse in the other person an eager want.
  • Genuinely become interested in others
  • Smile
  • A person’s name is the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
  • Be a good listener and encourage other to talk about them.
  • Talk in terms of the other person’s interest
  • Make him feel important and do it sincerely




General tips:


v     Love is permanent. Object of love keeps changing. So people fall in and fall out of love. It’s a continuous process. Object of love includes 25 crushes to 5 girl friends to 2 wives to 4 children to 6 grand-children to parents to siblings to hobbies to pets to movies to cricket to anything in a life time!

v     Never imply that you called because of something but just to chat

v     Show them appreciation and they will use that as leverage. Ignore them and their output will double.

v     Men loathe being taken off-guard. They go as berserk as an unexpected call/gift/message/visit. Men are programmed limited creatures incapable of improvising or innovating. What you see is what you get. No tricks. Women with devious minds, crooked ways take advantage of this.

v     Women feign a lack of interest as a ploy; when really they are dying; dying just to do it likes the men.

v     Surviving her friends include, you don’t

v     Repeat those words back to her

v     Dislike her friends because of these words

v     Say, feel, believe, think anything

v     Extravagant Compliment:

v     “You look great today”
[You think I don’t look good in general]
[I wasn’t looking good yesterday]
Don’t add today, just now, that time, anything like that. Just say, ‘You are looking good’. Better still; make it sound, like she always looks good.  ‘How well you look good’.

v     When asked to do something, never say “No problem”.

v     Women have a terribly sensitive nose for language.

v     Men need women to keep them civilized.

v     Women never want to do things men want to do.

v     Don’t ever generalize women. But they are allowed to make generalization about men.
Ex. ‘All men are lousy’. ‘Most women are dependent but you are independent’.

v     Women act like they don’t like to buy or spend. They act so that they can blame you for compelling them to spend. In theory they act.

v     Process of nagging. Be aware of it. [Ex-keep the toilet seat down]

v     Process of implication, which leaves you feel guilty. Be aware of it.[I was waiting for you, why didn’t you call me to inform when you had to come late]


Why women steal money?


Women get a lick out of stealing a few bucks from a guy. The triumph lies in the act of stealing.

Men are simple, straight, transparent, gullible, slow animals. The tricks women apply are to not let us know that they know that. So in other words, they act dumb just to get take us for a ride.

Girls are self-seeking and greedy probably gold-diggers. They are pretty good at getting men to reach for their wallets.

v     Trick 1: Make a man believe you are way beyond his financial reach. The thought that there could be another chap with deeper pockets is really what motivates men to make utter fools of themselves

v     Trick 2: They behave like they are doing the men a huge favor by accepting their money. By being kind to a man with money to lavish on her, a woman displays uncommon shrewdness and more generous he gets!



Things that turn women on:


v     Working for a living

v     Investigating noise at night

v     Bringing flowers, chocolates and wine

v     Telling her, she looks beautiful

v     Dropping her

v     Protecting her

v     Opening the door for her

v     Complimenting her. For every good thing happening around, she is the sole reason!

v     Talking to her

v     Listening her

v     Saying “I love you”. Both directly and indirectly

v     Calling to chat

v     Making bed before sleep

v     Shaving and brushing before sex

v     Give massage

v     Kiss her often

v     Kiss her without groping

v     Hold hands in public

v     Stare into her eyes

v     Go shopping

v     Make her feel important

v     Give a romantic card

v     Dance with her

v     Show interest to talk, when she talks

v     Tell her you miss her



Clues to pick what your GF means?

What she says - what she means


v     We need to talk – I am upset. I have a problem

v     We need – I want

v     I am sorry – you will be sorry

v     Its your decision – As long as I agree

v     I am not upset – Of course I am upset

v     You will have to learn to communicate – Just agree with me

v     Do you love me – I want something expensive

v     You are being really nice – Is sex all you ever think about

v     How much do you love me – I did something you don’t like

v     Be romantic, turn off the lights – I am flabby





Books that I have read:


At MBA level I thought people would be more open and aware. But I am mistaken. Awareness and openness is still scarce here. People here have same ignorance and rigid thinking like any other layman. Ex. Guys want to have a hot sexy girl friend but a coy and shy wife. Sex is still a dirty bad word. Extrovert and vivacious girls are looked upon as loose. Hey best one is, guys feel, sign of virginity is bleeding! And so many myths and misconceptions! Now I know awareness is a mindset. Openness is a way of mind. It’s never late to read up and become aware. Various books have given me lot of insights about women, relationship and sex. But these books need a special mention.


Women Love Lust

Khuswant Singh

Starry nights

Shobha De


Richard F Burton

Tales of Love, Sex and danger

Sudhir kakkar, John M Ross

Why men don’t listen & women cant read maps

Allan & Barbara Pease

Everything you wanted to know about sex

David Reubin

Surviving Women

Jerry Pinto

Surviving men

Shobha De

Sex: A user's manual

The Diagram Group

Why women cry and men lie?

Allan & Barbara Pease

Strange Obsession

Shobha De

Body Language

Hedwing lewis


Shobha De

Eleven minutes

Paulo Coelho

Courtship & marriage: A guide for Indian Couples

Dr. Vijay Nagaswami

The Art of sexual ecstacy

Margo Anand





Guys, Books by Alan & Barbara Pease are a good read. It’s a wonderful book to know how brain functions. It’s different for men and women. Women fascinate me. And once you read this book you will be amazed too.


If you want to know how the brain of a woman works and how complex they are, then catch the book of Shobha De and Jerry Pinto. Good analysis of woman brain.


By reading magazines like Women’s era, Cosmopolitan and Man’s world you will get lot of insights. These girlie magazines give a lot of insights about other sex and a woman’s point of view. Moreover I like the short stories in those magazines.



Why women stray?


  • Boredom in a relationship
    • Lack of communications
    • Lack of conversation
    • Lack of mental stimulation
    • A partner being workaholic
  • Partner more successful than the other
  • Long period of separation
  • Revenge
  • Aim:
    • Greater understanding
    • Better conversation
    • Lasting companionship
    • Hotter sex
    • Attention and affection



Why do women get married?

  • Good emotional bonding
  • Good sex
  • Stability
  • Security


Type of women likely to stray:


  • Escapist
  • Lack of maturity
  • Commitment shy
  • Sex addicts
  • Fear intimacy
  • Narcissistic
  • Over expectation


Signs pull up your socks:


  • Emotionally turned off
  • Sexually turned off
  • Develop a deceptive streak
  • Avoid talking about him
  • Remain outside a lot
  • Bother with make up
  • No arguments or more arguments



Flirting: Good or bad?


It is a social skill, fun past time, great stress reliever, and ego booster. It’s about connecting with people, sending message that you like them. Its makes people comfortable with you. It creates positive vibes in people. It helps getting work done. It is a light hearted way of breaking the ice with people. It shoots the self-esteem which in turn is reflected in everyday life. Its fun, non-stop excitement, makes people sparkle. It makes people and you feel really good.


How to flirt harmlessly?


  • Smile often genuinely
  • Make eye contact, showing interest
  • Be in your best stuff
  • Lean towards the person you are talking
  • Be a good listener
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Pick a accepted reason to break the ice
  • Use conscious body language
  • Create intimacy
  • Mild humor
  • Use flattery, compliments
  • Be genuine
  • Be different
  • Be confident




  • Don’t tease or criticize
  • Don’t flirt indiscriminately
  • Don’t feel overwhelmed
  • Don’t use clichéd stuff
  • Don’t gossip
  • Don’t fidget



Side-effects of feminism:


Its aim was to improve the lives of women, fight against their oppression and abuse at men and their independence.

Rather rising and being on par with men in jobs, opportunities they have actually became men themselves, behaving like men. They have lost feminist, the essence of womanhood that which uniquely identifies a woman, thing man can never possess, thing all important for continuance of the world.

Women today are wearing men’s clothes to shoes to their masculinity, using abusive language, smoking, guzzling, drinking, and snorting. Because they run the risk of being discriminated.

They are making the first move at page 3 circuits, blind dates, and bed. They have stopped crying. They get upset when you show concern or care.

They get offended at being offered priority seat. Career comes first than family, ambition ahead of happiness, work ahead of life, boss ahead of hubby, deadliness ahead of sex. They don’t mind compromising values. They see and use sex as their opportunities to move up. They think men as shit that can’t cook, but think all too down-market to do it themselves. They see success in single parenthood.

Women today are aggressive, overbearing, spiteful, hostile, blunt, obnoxious, pushy, hard-headed, vicious, dogmatic, thick-skinned, scary, tough, brassy, threatening, and masculine. Women today want to be macho, ironically for the very fact for which they detest men!!!

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