Websites Links

Here i will put links of website that i frequent. These websites may help  you in some way or come in handy. A brief about the websites with the link will be put up. Basically i will try to put some links on quizzes, gk, blogs, interview material. It will also include links on fun and timepass.

India's Youth Magazine. It has lot of stuff comprising fun, masti and gyan everything. I liked the section on MBA. Articles on MBA and issues are very good to read. I have included one article in the Article section.


One of the good blogs on Marketing concepts. It has lot of new ideas.


I always keep track of a column in TOI that comes every Sunday. I like the simplistic analysis of complex issues. The arguments put are of high quality. I developed perspectives on lot of issues only by reading these articles. He is Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar .


A website full of quotes segregated into various categories. Sorted by Authors and various moods.


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