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Marketing Dictionary:

Administered Prices

cost-oriented pricing in which a firm bases its prices on considerations within the firm rather than on customer considerations.

Administered Vertical Marketing System

a co-ordinated system of distribution channel organisation in which the flow of products from producer to end-user is controlled by the power and size of one member of the channel system rather than by common ownership or contractual ties. See Contractual Vertical Marketing System; Conventional Marketing System; Corporate Vertical Marketing System; Vertical Marketing System.

Adopter Category

the ranking into which adopters of a new product fall according to their willingness and speed to embrace a new product; adopter categories are normally listed as innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority and laggards. See Diffusion of Innovation.


the choice of one product over another.

Adoption of Innovation Curve

a normal distribution curve illustrating the fact that customers vary widely in their willingness or readiness to purchase new products. See Diffusion of Innovation.

Adoption Process

the series of stages, including awareness, interest, evaluation, trial and rejection or adoption, which consumers go through in their decision-making process; also called the Adoption Sequence.

Adoption Rate Determinants

factors which influence the rate of adoption of a new product. See

Communicability; Compatibility; Complexity; Divisibility; Relative Advantage.

Advance Australia Foundation

a partly government-funded organisation, established in 1979 as Project Australia, formed to promote the sale of Australian-made products.

Field Sales Manager

a sales manager whose prime responsibility is for the supervision of the sales force in its outside selling activities; generally, the field sales manager will have only minimal involvement in the internal, administrative sales management operations.

Field Selling

face-to-face sales calls made by company representatives on customers in their homes or places of business.

Fighting Brand

a low-priced manufacturer's brand sold with minimal advertising and promotional expenditure; the brand is used to compete with dealers' brands and generics. Also called a Price Brand.

Financial Leverage

a measure of the extent to which a firm uses debt in its total capital structure; the higher the component of debt the more leveraged is the firm. Leverage is calculated by dividing total assets by equity.


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