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These page will feature material related to management and business as a whole. Management Fundas and concepts. Business jargons and concepts.

Business Terms:

This article contains all the important terms related to Business world.

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Accessory Goods - products required by commercial operations to conduct business,such as: office copiers, automobile wheel balancers, auxiliary power supplies, air

compressors, etc.

Accounts Payable - short term debts incurred as the result of day-to-day operations.

Accounts Receivable - monies due your enterprise as the result of day-to-day operations.

Balance Sheet - a statement of assets and liabilities.

Barriers to Entry - conditions that create difficulty for competitors to enter the market. For example, copyrights, trademarks, patents, dedicated distribution channels and high

initial investment requirements. 

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Buzz Words:


When interacting with someone from the Industry or acamedician or facing interviews, one needs to be well versed with these words. Buzz words either you know it or you are out of the game!





MBA Glossary:


All important term, jargons and concepts any MBA would come across. While appearing for any interview you make sure you read it once.





Logistics Glossary:


Important terms related to the field of Logistics. Logistics has become a imporant part of any business today because of various reasons. So good understanding of these terms is imperative.





Management Fundas:


Important fundas of management, concepts, various business models and jargons are compiled into this document. A must for any MBA worth his salt.



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