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E-commerce terms:


(Universal Resource Locator) is the web address of a web page. This is comprised of the domain name the directory and the filename.

Many times you will see a URL that ends with either the domain name or the subdirectory, this is achieved by using an index.html filename.

User Interface: User Interface refers to the intersection of the techical aspect of a system and its users. Users could be internal to the business / system (customer service support) or external to the business / system (customers). The design of the user interface typically has a significant impact on the performance of the system. Users of a system also learn how to use the system over time, so good usability can help to create lock-in to the business for the customer. A business' homepage is an example of a user interface, as is any other webpage hosted by the business.

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Internet terms:


-- (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

A way of including content in a

web page in which javascript code in the web page fetches some data from a server and displays it without re-fetching the entire surrounding page at the same time (hence the 'Asynchronous') Often (but not always) the data fetched by the javascript code is in XML format.

It is common for Ajax applications to update the Ajax content multiple times without the surrounding page needing to be updated even once.

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Tech Abbreviations:

 This file contains all the technological jargons and abbreviations. Complete guide to all the tech abbreviations.



MS Access Shortcuts:

This file contains all the shortcuts to MS Access. Very useful compilation for those who frequently use MS Access.

For Example-

To move down one line DOWN ARROW

To move down one page PAGE DOWN

To move up one line UP ARROW

To move up one page PAGE UP

To exit the combo box or list box TAB




Excel Shortcuts:

This article contains lot of valuable shortcuts in MS Excel. Those who want to be an expert in Excel, this should be Bible for you!



Important RUN Commands:

This article contains important or frequently used RUN commands. A useful compilation. Imagine the System stuck up and you have 30 minutes for assignment submission!



Google Search Tricks:

Google and MBAs have a connection that is like umbilical chord! Without Google search, all assignments will never be submitted. But when searched for anything Google results show up lakhs of web pages. So the trick is to search smartly. This article will definitely help you to search smartly. Actually, this article is a collection of various articles on the same topic from Google itself!



Best Websites collection:

Some of the websites all collected and compiled into a Excel sheet. Interests, hobbies every type of websites. Just take a look.



Database Glossary:

This article contains all the important terms and concepts of database. A very important piece for MBAs specialising in Systems or IT.



Windows Shortcuts:

What happens when your mouse stop working or your Touch pad stops working? Most likely you would work with key board. But it is so difficult to work with key board. Here is a compilation that contains all the shortcuts to work with windows.



Speed up Computer speed:

I guess it needs no description. An absolute necessity. Read on.


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