Why mbacapsule?

I am Biswa Prakash Nayak. I am an MBA. While working on assignments and projects, i extensively use Internet to research and collect information. The net is inundated with information. But there is no single website which has everything. Every website specialises in only a particular thing. For example, there are sites who have good material for Branding or Marketing but absolutely nothing for HR! So there is still a need for one-stop website for any MBA, where he or she can find everything.

So while pursuing MBA, i started collecting material from various websites. I had a wide range of material on different topics, which any MBA would die to have as a readymade reference point. Everything is collected so no need of going for Internet research and waste precious time. I didn't want my mba tribes to face similar problems that i had faced, so i thought of developing a Online Compilation, which can be used as a reference point.

My objective of this website is to share information. Design of the website is of least importance to me. I will ensure that the website remain simple and easy to navigate. I will avoid animations, drop down menus. To borrow something from Google "Do No Evil".

So, mbacapsule in true sense is not my work. The content here is actually somebody's work. I am only acting as a Collector of all materials and a reference point.

I am open to suggestion and ideas. Please revert back to me with your valuable suggestions.



Notice: The content will be updated ASAP.

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