General Wisdom

Wisdom that govern everybody's life. Wisdom that show us light. Yes, i may not follow all these wisdoms but i look upto them and think i should practice them. Good for anyone to spare some time and read through these wisdoms...

General Wisdom:





  • Ability to control anger
  • Settle differences amicably
  • Patience, willingness to give up immediate pleasure in favor of future gains.
  • Perseverance and work in odds
  • Capacity to face unpleasantness, frustration, discomfort, defeat without complaint.
  • Humility
  • Make decisions and stand by it
  • Keeping one’s head high in crisis.
  • Art of living in peace with oneself
  • Courage to change hat should be changed and wisdom to know the difference between what can’t be changed.



Will power:


  • To strengthen willpower selects a small project than a big one
    Ex- ‘This week I am going to write an essay’.
    ’This evening I am going to finish the book’.
    First case you are likely to accomplish, second case you are not.
  • Put yourself in reasonable task always.
  • Don’t escape time. Feel every bit of it with positive action that is core and crux of discipline.


Winner Vs Loser

    • Loser resists change, winners dares to be different
    • Loser is bounded by self imposed boundaries, winner is motivated by self determined goals
    • Loser believes the worst, winner expects the best.
    • Loser has a convenient excuse, winner has a compelling purpose.
  • Change:
    • When you change your thinking, you change your beliefs
    • When you change your beliefs, you change your expectations
    • When you change your expectations, you change your attitude
    • When you change your attitude, you change your behavior
    • When you change your behavior, you change your performance
    • When you change your performance, you change your life!
  • BEST:
    • The best KING is THINKING
    • The best CARE is NATURECARE
    • The best ISM is PATRIOTISM
    • The best FARE is WELFARE
    • The best WEALTH is HEALTH
    • The best CITY is SIMPLICITY
    • The best SHIP is FRIENDSHIP
    • The best DAY is TODAY.



Famous Excuses:


  • We don’t have facilities in India. [Sir C V Raman, 1930, Nobel Prize winner]
  • What will people think? [P T Usha at 34 won 98 Asiad]
  • I don’t have a degree from good institute. [Bill Gates- A school dropout]
  • The society pushes us down. [K R Narayanan- 1st Dalit President]
  • I can’t speak good English. [Madhu Spare- Miss Unverse]
  • I don’t have money. [Dhirubhai Ambani started an empire without money]




Metal strength:


  • Grit
    • The quality of courage and endurance. Continue keep going.
  • Perseverance
    • Never give up
  • Ability to stand apart
    • Stick to your beliefs
  • No shortcut
    • There is no easy way out.
  • Looking at means not ends
    • Sincere efforts ensure results
  • Doing the right thing
    • Never blame or find excuses. Do what you think is right.
  • Hard work
    • Success is never a matter of chance. It has to be planned and executed well.



A good leader:


  • Good narrator
  • Good listener
  • Good supporter
  • Grabs opportunities
  • Sense of humor
  • Encourages
  • Influences
  • Gentleman
  • Plans
  • Judicious
  • Smart
  • Presence of mind






  • The father of success is WORK
  • The mother of success is AMBITION
  • Eldest son is COMMONSENSE
  • Eldest daughter is CHARACTER
  • Baby of the family is OPPURTUNITY
  • The wife of success is LUCK!




Successful leader:


  • Right attitude
    • He loves than hates
    • He thinks of others welfare before him.
    • Hopes good, optimistic and constructive approach.
  • Credible
    • Trustworthy; He should be felt, believed by others, confineable.
  • Set an example
    • Lead from the front by setting an example.
  • Plan well
    • Set a goal to be reached. Plan should be practical and in perspective.
  • Clarity and clearness
  • Should pursue commonly accepted goals
  • Communications
    • If communications are distorted then end results will be chaos. So organize and steer through effective communications.
  • Well organized in thought and actions
    • Think precise, act timely and wisely not in haphazard.
  • Positive thinking
    • Thoughts must be objective, constructive, hopeful, and pleasant in terms of healthy growth. Visualize future as bright and beautiful.
  • A sense of participation
    • Create sense of participation in all ranks working. Feel them; they are part of a great organization. Make them working WITH the leader and not FOR.
  • Motherly care
    • Infuse confidence in people. Be confide able to them in each problem.
  • Accessible
    • Must be available, accessible for anyone for any need. It gives confidence to them a faith in their leader. Personal or impersonal.
  • Sense of humor
    • To diffuse tension to look into brighter side of a problem
  • Should delegate responsibility
    • Have faith in your subordinates. Delegate responsibility and duty and watch them do well.




·        Ten commandments:

o       People like to help others. Ask for their opinion and assistance.
I hate asking for help. So this rule is ruled out for me.

o       People like to feel important. Pay attention.
I generally employ this trick to get along with guys!

o       People like to feel needed. Acknowledge their contribution.
One can employ this trick with any women to get guaranteed results!

o       People like to be encouraged. Motivate them.
Very true. I believe in it and practice.

o       People like to be heard. Be a good listener.
Tried and tested formula to get along with people. Just listen and don’t interrupt.

o       People like clarity. Be short, specific and simple.
Forget all jargons, hi-fi fundas… Simple and short is sexy.

o       People like word of praise. Pat them when they deserve.

o       People like to avoid embarrassment. Don’t openly criticize.
Conversely, I use this trick to get back at my enemies!!

o       People like to choose, offer alternatives whenever possible.
Good wisdom for marketers.

·        Qualities people like in a person:

o       Good Academics

o       General awareness

o       Receptivity and reasoning ability

o       Power of communication

o       Friendly and cooperative

o       Responsible

o       Hardworking

o       Ability to work in adverse conditions and adaptability

o       Bold and daring

o       Raise voice against injustice

o       Humane

o       Sincerity

o       Patriotism



·        Three types of persons:

o       Some make a thing happen

o       Some watch a thing happen

o       Some wonder what happened.

·        Watch out:

o       Watch your thoughts they become your words

o       Watch your words they become your actions

o       Watch your actions they become your hobbies

o       Watch your hobbies they become your character

o       Watch your character they become your destiny


·        Three greats:

o       Three things to be- PURE, JUST, HONEST

o       Three things to govern- TEMPER, TONGUE, CONDUCT

o       Three things to have- COURAGE, AFFECTION, GENTLENESS

o       Three things to love- WISE, VIRTUE, INNOCENT

o       Three things to appreciate- THRIFT, INDUSTRY, PROMPTNESS

o       Three things to avoid- CRUELTY, ARROGANCE, IN-GRATITUDE

o       Three things to attain- GOODNESS OF HEART, INTEGRITY, CHEERFULNESS.


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