Management communication related

Ability to communicate well is one of the unique quality of any good manager. One can become a good communcator if he practices a lot. Like oral comunication, written communicaton is very important in Business. This page has material to help you become if not expert then good communicator.

Important Foreign words:

Global business, global markets and global managers. A good understanding of foreign words and phrases create an edge. So read on.



Important Idioms:

Use of idioms in speech is like spices in curry. It adds spice and interest for the listeners. A good command of idioms is very necessary.



Important Phrasal verbs:

A good manager never commits a mistake twice. But average people do repeat their mistakes. A common mistake they do is improperly use Phrasal verbs. As an MBA one must be very careful of these words.



Collection of Proverbs and sayings:

A good knowledge of proverbs and sayings makes a person intelligent and sagacious. His use of words makes him revered among all.




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