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Here i will give link to some good articles that others have written. These articles are a must for an MBA. For the benefit of all, i will copy paste few lines from the original article with the link, so that one can read and decide whether the article is worth reading. These articles are not my work so please thank the original writers.

Vouyerism and Reality shows on Indian Television:

Another Reality show to hit Indian television recently is BIG BOSS. Read a very good article below.


The first thing everyone wants to know is - has anyone slept with anyone yet on the show?" says Rajesh Kamath, managing director of Endemol, the company that produces Bigg Boss for Sony. That would certainly be a first for Indian television.

But then, much of Bigg Boss is a first for Indian television. An adaptation of the international hit, Big Brother, shown so far in over 70 countries, Bigg Boss is the next generation leap in desi reality shows, which have so far not ventured beyond talent contests. But Bigg Boss has gone where no TV channel in India has gone before - 13 celebrities holed up in a house for 100 days with no contact with the outside world (no newspapers or magazines, no phones, no TV, no radio, no watches or clocks) and under 24-hour surveillance by 30 cameras. So what, you may well ask, is the big deal about a bunch of D-list celebs hanging out in a house with only each other for company?

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Placements and Salaries of MBA:

Few lines:

There are two kinds of students at IIMs -- those who get good jobs and those who get great ones.

The definition of 'great' is directly proportional to the kind of moolah on offer. The heroes -- to put it crudely -- are the ones with the most zeroes on their pay cheques.

The hero of the moment is the IIM-Ahmedabad student, who has reportedly bagged a job offer of $152,000 (approximately Rs 66,00,000). The news made headlines in just about every newspaper, white or pink. Executives several years senior turned a delicate shade of green.

The effect on the student community has been electrifying. A million more I-want-to-attend-IIM-A dreams have been created in one fell swoop.

My warm congratulations to the student.

But, in public interest, I do think a few points need to be highlighted:

i. The student in question has work experience. So, in effect, it is a 'lateral placement'. The highest offer to a fresher is $110,000 (approximately Rs 48,00,000).

ii. Only 60 students out of a batch of 250 got placed on Day Zero. Some 84 job offers were made. But as one student was being wooed by more than one company, not all could be accepted.

iii. This means about 80% of the batch was still to appear for interviews with the regular rupee-paying companies.

The average Indian salary -- last year -- was around Rs 700,000. Expect it to become Rs 800,000 this year, thanks to a buoyant job scene.

But remember that if the 'average' is 800,000, there are a good number of students who will be offered jobs at salaries below that figure, too!

So while the $152,000 offer may make headlines, let's be clear about the fact that it is a 'jackpot', as the media is describing it.

It is the good fortune -- and brilliance -- of one individual. Not something you will necessarily have a shot at -- even if you do make it to IIM-Ahmedabad!

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