06: Key Resources & Key Activities

Class Lecture/Out of the Building Assignment:

What resources do you need to build this business?  How many people? What kind? Any hardware or software you need to buy? Any IP you need to license?  How much money do you need to raise?  When?  Why? Importance of cash flows? When do you get paid vs. when do you pay others?


Deliverable for Nov 11th :

·      Assemble an income statement for the your business model. Lifetime value calculation for customers. 

·      Draw the diagram of payment flows

·      Did anything change about Value Proposition or Customers/Users, Channel, Demand Creation, Revenue Model?

·      Assemble a resources assumptions spreadsheet.  Include people, hardware, software, prototypes, financing, etc. 

·      Access to resources. What is the best place for your business?

·      Where is your cash flow break-even point?

·      Submit interview notes, present results in class.

·      Update your blog/wiki/journal