About me

I am an evolutionary ecologist 
interested in 
biogeography, microbiology, macroecology and macroevolution

The overarching goal of my research is to understand how physical, ecological, and evolutionary processes shape the geographic distribution of vertebrates on earth and the microbes that live with them. I have primarily approached this problem by contrasting broad-scale spatial patterns of taxonomic, phylogenetic and functional diversity and their relationships with past and present abiotic factors, such as ancient dispersal barriers or current climatic regimes. Finally, I examine the conservation implications of these findings, and especially the usefulness of phylogenetic diversity as a surrogate for trait diversity.

Recently, I've started a post-doc in the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) in the Parfrey Lab  
studying the evolution and ecology of free living and host-associated microbiota
I'm now really interested to use environmental genomics data to ask biogeographical and evolutionary questions.


January 2018 -New preprint from the sCAP workshop here !

December 2017 - New paper (in French) in Medecine/Science here

September 2017 - Our cover in GEB