Becoming AN CSP 101

There are a few steps you must take to becoming an CSP (Client Support Professional)

  1. Visit Arise at & click the link above to Become an Agent
  2. Read & Except the list of US Approved Disclosure Question
  A Check list will come up for you
  1. Read and except the Master Service Agreement
    • an email will be sent to you with your CSP ID# and instructions for the voice assessment
    • before you call the voice assessment hotline lets prepare for the work history question
    • the voice assessment requirements are for you to provide a work history speaking for 1-3 mins
    • start with writing down CSP ID#
    • your name first and last name then spell out your last name 
    • I find its easier to start with when you graduated high school or college and then beginning your work history from there
    • your work history should consist of the Name of the company your job title years you worked and a quick summery of your task performed
    • Remember this is a brief summery if you exceed 3 mins your application will be disqualified so I suggest writing this information down and timing yourself (contact us for additional assistance)
  2. Call the number provided for the voice assessment and with a clear voice read what you wrote
  3. After  2-24hrs you will receive an email inviting you to submit a background check
    • Log back into the Arise Portal using your user name and password (no www. needed)
    • Fill out the form information
    • Fill out the next form information and submit
    • you'll be taken to a page to pay the 12.95 fee for the background check
A New Check list will come up for you

  1. Upon successful background check information you will need to log back into the Arise Portal to Read and Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement
  2. Once you have signed the Non Disclosure Agreement you will receive an invitation to sign up for CSP 101
    • You will need to log into the Arise Portal, (no www. needed)
    • Click the link to sign up for CSP 101 (rates start at 99.00 but have been know to drop to 19.99)
    • Once you pay for CSP 101 you have 7 days to complete this course, DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO COMPLETE, THERE IS NO REFUND FOR THIS COURSE
    • Next step prompts you to begin CSP 101
    • You will use the Arise Portal to log in to the Arise University to complete this course
  3. Once you have successfully completed the CSP 101 you will need to sign with a VSC in order to start excepting client training.
    • Please contact MWHY?, to sign you up under our IBO by email or call toll free 855-MWHYLLC (694-9552)
  4. Once enrolled with MWHY?, you can choose a client and start your training. Any additional fees for equipment and client training, call us and we can assist you with these needs.
Good Luck on this new journey of Working from Home and we look forward to assisting you along the way.