Victor May

Hello Internet,
I am an Israeli from the USSR, currently living in the US. I am married and am raising an assortment of succulents together with my wife. Following are a few more details regarding my background and interests.


I studied math and computer science at Shevah Mofet (high school), Bar-Ilan University (B.Sc) and Tel-Aviv University (M.Sc). In the latter, I was supervised by Prof. Yoel Shkolnisky and we had published the following paper:


I am now a senior data scientist / algorithm developer at Taboola, working on recommender systems, natural language processing and some other stuff. Prior to that, I was a computer vision algorithm developer at XTR3D.


I am a certified navy vessel captain. I learned to sail at the Sailor sailing school in Israel and currently am a member of the SailorsNYC yacht club.


I have been learning to play music, mostly in various styles of american roots music, for many years. Mostly on the guitar, but also on the ukulele, banjo, mandolin, harmonica and keyboard. I had the luck to study and play with some great musicians at Lasse Johansson's Koveskal Guitar Camp, Mike Dowling's Shake Meadows guitar camp, the New York Klezmer Workshop, various workshops at the Jalopy Theatre and more.

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