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Ống nhòm LASER NEWCON LRM-1200

Giá bán: 11,000,000vnđ
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The NEWCON Laser Rangefinder Monocular, 1200 yards, Black (LRM 1200) is the advanced laser range finder system that provides instant distance and speed (SPD modification) measurement consistently and accurately.

The outstanding optics delivers a sharp, clear image under all conditions. The LRM 1200 utilizes a revolutionary digital design, which outperforms any other product in its class and price range.

The unit sends invisible eye safe laser beam pulses to a target. The returned pulses are captured by the digital circuitry. The time difference between emitted and received pulses works as an input data for the calculations determining the distance to the target.

This model laser rangefinder monocular is perfect for a golfer, as well as most hunting applications. It often acquires target distance even if being used through glass, and it features a "Last Target" measurement and last 10 readings recall.


  Magnification    7x  
  Objective Diameter, mm    25  
  Exit Pupil, mm    3.6  
  Field of View (FOV), degree    8°  
  Laser Type    Class 1 eye-safe  
  Measuring range, m    20–1,200  
  Accuracy, m    ±1  
  Meters/Yards Display    Yes  
  Target Quality Indicator    Yes  
  Last 10 Readings Recall    Yes  
  Reticle Shape Selection (+ or)    Yes  
  Automatic Rain Mode    Yes  
  "Best Target" Measurement    Yes  
  Optional Speed Detector    No  
  Type of Coating    Fully multi-coated  
  Battery    9 V  
  Tripod Socket    Yes  
  Dimensions, in    4.7 x 4.8 x 2.4  
  Weight (without battery), oz    14.2  



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