Car accidents 4/23/08
There were two really serious car accidents today. One near Suddenlink Cable and the other near Burger Shack

Please exercise caution and wear your seatbelts. Below are photos from the two accident scenes today. These accidents happened in close succession. It appears that the parties were not wearing seat belts and sustained potentially serious injuries.


Kudos to Pafford Ambulance Service and Monte McIntosh. They were on the ball. Our police and fire departments were in high gear too.


The police reports are incomplete, therefore, we will not provide full information regarding the accidents. The pictures do reveal a good portion of the story.


 This accident involved Mr. Frank Griffen and another young man. The passenger in the Cadillac was injured; she was said to be pregnant.








Officer Ben Casarez is doing the investigation of the accident and preparing the written report. The officers are granted 5 working days to complete their reports.










Pafford Ambulance Services prepared the injured party for transport to HRMC.








This accident occurred at the intersection of Sebastian Street and Anderson Street. Officer David Bell is investigating the accident and will have a report prepared soon. Pafford Ambulance Service provide transportation for three (3) injured persons.  







 This accident, near Burger Shack, required two ambulances and involved three transports to Helena Regional Medical Center (HRMC). All parties in the white malibu were taken by ambulance.