Musical director

Kathy Fahey
Kathy Fahey was appointed as musical director of the orchestra in 2016. She is a native of Belcarra, just outside Castlebar. She has been involved in music all her life, and has been conducting choirs and playing in public since the age of 12! She studied music at Maynooth, where she gained qualifications in piano, composing, and conducting.

Kathy conducted performances of Handel's Messiah by the RTE Concert Orchestra in Castlebar in 2014 and 2015 and also works with choirs throughout the region. In her role as conductor Kathy is responsible for deciding what music the orchestra plays for the concerts and performances it hosts throughout the year.

Kathy's aim is to make concerts enjoyable for musicians and audience alike. Her vision is to prove that everybody can love orchestral music - that it is not just for classical music but that there is something for everybody there. She is excited about the opportunity to develop the orchestra, saying:

“I would not do this if I didn’t love it and happily I absolutely love it. I love the sound of the instruments and the orchestra and when it is all good and we get it right it is an amazingly powerful sound and there is a wonderful connection between us all.”