Bicol Lodges



Isarog Lodge No. 33 F. & A.M., Naga City, Camarines Sur


Bulusan Lodge No. 38 F. & A.M., Sorsogon City, Sorsogon

Bulusan Lodge No. 38 in Sorsogon started as a Triangulo in 1916 but its charter was issued in February 1917. A determined group of brethren in Sorsogon, most of  them transients, held an organizational meeting on board SS Batangueño, a merchant ship then plying between Manila and Sorsogon. The pioneers were Aurelio Diokno – Worshipful Master (Ship Captain), Bernabe Flores – Sr. Warden, Leoncio Gojo – Jr. Warden, Alfonso Escudero – Treasurer, Marino Olondriz – Secretary, Jose Figueroa – Orator, Aurelio Martinez – Master of Ceremonies, Pedro Paguio – Almoner, and Simeon Marquez – Tyler.


Mayon Lodge No. 61 F. & A.M., Daraga, Albay



Camarines Norte Lodge No. 107 F & A.M., Daet, Camarines Norte

Like the disciples assisting the Msster, twelve Masons, organized Camarines Norte Lodge No.107, which had its charter approved on May 25,1932 by MW Antonio Gonzales and attested by Grand Secretary Newton C. Comfort, PGM, Installed the following; Jose Munlain – Worshipful master, Felipe Fernando – Sr. Warden, Jose Dantos – Jr. Warden, Luis Miguel – Treasurer, Elmer O. Worrick – Secretary, Mariano Sta. Romana –Chaplain, Clemente Bernabe – Marshall, Basilio Peña – Sr. Deacon, Alfredo Suabillo – Jr. Deacon, Antonio Baltazar – Senior Steward, Ban Bok – Jr. Steward, and Tranquilino Natera – Tyler.


Julian Ocampo Memorial Lodge No. 146 F. & A.M., Iriga City

Bro. Julian Ocampo was a past governor of Camarines Sur and a town in his province was named after him. Such was his service to his people that he was so honored and such was his service to masonry that the lodge in Iriga City, Camarines Sur, which was constituted on February 22, 1958 was named after him. He had always been ready to be of service to the Fraternity that although he has served as Master in 1908 and 1909 when isarog Lodge No. 33 was still Logia Isarog No. 378 under the jurisdiction of Gran Oriente de Francia and would have been elected again in 1910 but he declined, to give others a chance to serve. He again accepted the position in 1911 apparently to fill a leadership vacuum. After the United Grand Lodges of England and the World recognized the Grand Lodge of the Philippines, he again served as Master in the years 1918 and 1919, Julian Ocampo Memorial Lodge No. 146 was constituted on February 22, 1958 by MW Vicente Y Orosa, Grandmaster and MW Esteban Munarriz, PGM and Grand Secretary with Leon B. Tiansay, PM as Worshipful Master. The Lodge became dormant for several years and had been reactivated to perpetuate the memory of a dedicated Brother.


Daet Lodge No. 247 F. & A.M., Daet, Camarines Norte

Daet lodge had painful pangs. It was conceived out of brotherly intramurals on who could serve the Fraternity ahead and better. Thus, 25 signatures of member of good standing not only from Camarines Norte but also from Isarog lodge No. 33 and mayon lodge No. 61 were secured for a new lodge under Dispensation. On may 10, 1981, the Charter was granted by the Grand lodge and the following were installed as officers: Worshipful Master - Tomas L. Ong, Senior Warden - Santiago P. Ferrer, Junior Warden - Santiago M. Turingan.

Naga City Lodge No. 257 F. & A.M., Naga City, Camarines Sur

Naga City Lodge was conceived with a lot of love adn caring from its Mother lodge, Isarog Lodge No. 33. From among the members of good standing of the mother lodge, a list was secured in May 1981. its Charter was eventually approved and granted on July 24, 1982 by the Grand Lodge and the following were installed as charter officers: Worshipful master - Eugene L. Ong, Senior Warden - Benito S. ngo, Junior Warden - Pedro S. Pimentel, treasurer - Rafael Flameno, Secretary - Jesus S. Roaquitico, Asst. Secretary - Jaime Uy, Senior Deacon - Santiago Villanueva, Junior Deacon - Tomas T. Enrile, Marshall - Pablo N. Roco, Chaplain - Gorgonio Portuguez, Lecturer - Tomas A. Reyes, Senior Steward - Cayetano Zantua, Junior Steward - Josefin Catangui, Sr., Auditor - hargun K. Ramchand, Orator - Lazaro Vargas, jr., Bible Bearer -William L. Blevins, Organist - Jose P. Hijastro, and Tyler - Eusebio Geronimo.


Catanduanes Is, Lodge No. 291 F. & A.M., Virac, Catanduanes

The Masonic lodge in Catanduanes was conceived by three transient masons: VW Jesse B. Amihan of Isarog lodge No. 33 who was then the Provincial Director of the Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources, Bro. Albverto Escultura who was then the incumbent Junior Warden of Bulusan Lodge No. 38 and at that time was the Provincial Commander of the Catanduane Philippine Constabulary (now Philippine National Police) and Bro. Amador Sabado, a member of Malindang Lodge No. 130, Ozamis City, who has retired in Virac. Twenty Seven Brethren from Albay, Camarines and Sorsogon took the boat to Virac on September 30, 1989 to signify support. The lodge was granted dispensation on October 23, 1989 by MW Juan C. Nabong and was eventually constituted on June 16, 1990 by MW John L. Choa. With the untiring efforts of the three organizers, ten original petitioners saw the Light in the new Lodge, namely; Ariston Sarmiento, Luis Vargas, Roberto Rodulfo, Ariel Galarosa, Romeo Caraan, Napoleon Velasco, Leo Molina, Alexander Caning, Benjamin Suratos and Rene de Larrazabal.


Ma-Bu-Ti Lodge No. 329 F. & A.M., Masbate City, Masbate

For many years, l;eaders of the masonic Fraternity in the Bicol Region have dreamt and discussed in various conventions and meetings, the need to renew efforts to put up a Masonic Lodge in Masbate. This eventually became a reality when 29 members of Bulusan lodge No. 38 and Mayon Lodge No. 61 petitioned the Grand Lodge for dispensationto form Ma-Bu-Ti Lodge in Masbate.

Ma-Bu-Ti is the acronym for Masbate, Burias and Ticao, the three main islands which comprise the Province of Masbate. The Charter, signed by MW Franklin J. Demonteverde and MW Reynaldo Fajardo, PGM and Grand Secretary, was granted on May 15, 1999. The following were the officers of the new Lodge: Worshipful Master - Maximino R. Ables, Senior Warden - Ernesto T. Valencia, Junior Warden - Marlon Francia, Treasurer - Rolando Asia, Secretary - Saturnino Alvarez, Auditor - Ernesto Cortes, Senior Deacon - Tito Migo, Junior Deacon - Michael Jason Po, Chaplain - Elpidio Orata, and Tyler - Ferdinand Baltazar.