YA Literature

In 2013 goodreads.com launched a brand new newsletter aimed at young adults.  They describe the newsletter as "chockablock with new books to discover, paired with as much opportunity as possible to interact with YA authors you know and love." 

List of the top ten works for 2013 (published in 2012).  Selected by the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA).

YALSA selected ten titles to encourage the reluctant reader to give reading a try.

Magazine and website written by teens since 1989.  Features poetry, fiction, non-fiction, scripts and plays, art, videos, reviews of colleges and summer writing programs and more.  Worth checking out especially if you are interested in writing or other arts.

Popular YA author (Tantalize) blogs about YA literature.

Young adult books blog.  Read about YA literature and get recommendations for great reads.

Website of the popular YA author whose books include Acting Out, Forge, and Speak.

Website of the Twilight series author.

Blogging by the author of Divergent and Insurgent.

*Young Adult magazines are located on the third floor of the library, in the YA room.*  Magazines can be checked out, except for the most recently received issue.  

M (Monthly)
Mental_Floss (Bi-monthly)
Seventeen Magazine (Monthly)
Skateboarder (Bi-monthly)
Teen Vogue (Monthly)
Tiger beat (Monthly)

Volunteering and Internships

Offers one- and two-week volunteer opportunities abroad.  Available for June - August, for teens aged 15-17.  Volunteers pay a fee to CCS.

Offers one to twelve week international volunteer opportunities.  For teens aged 16-18.  Volunteers pay a fee to United Planet.  

Single- and multi-week volunteering opportunities doing trail work.  For the outdoorsy teen aged 15+.  Volunteers pay a fee to AMC.

Offers paid and volunteer internships for teens during the summer.  Internships are available in various departments such as education, gift shop, and camp.  There are about 80 total positions and only some are paid.

Find volunteer, job, and internship opportunities.


Search for part-time jobs and internships by zip code.

Search for jobs using keyword(s) and location.  The advanced search lets you search for part-time jobs and apply other filters to your search. 

Step by step guide for creating a resume.


Listing of groups that offer singing opportunities for youth.  Browse by town.  

General Information

Find youth activities arranged by topics such as, arts and crafts, sports and recreation, science and nature centers, youth and community centers, and library and technology centers.

See also our Sports and Homework Help pages.