New Fiction Books (February, 2015)

 New Hardcover Fiction
FICTION Adler-Olsen Adler-Olsen, Jussi, The alphabet house :;a novel
FICTION Alcott Alcott, Kate, A touch of stardust
FICTION Anolik Peloquin, Lili, Dark rooms
FICTION Barbieri Barbieri, Maggie, Lies that bind
FICTION Barry Quan Barry, Quan. She weeps each time you're born
FICTION Baxter Charles Baxter, Charles, There's something I want you to do :;stories
FICTION Berenson Berenson, Alex. Twelve days
FICTION Boyce Boyne, John, A history of loneliness
FICTION Burke Shannon Burke, Shannon, Into the savage country
FICTION Butler Halle Butler, Halle, Jillian
FICTION Chiaverini Chiaverini, Jennifer. Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule :;a novel
FICTION Clarkson Clarkson, John, Among thieves
FICTION Cross Cross, Mason, The killing season
FICTION Cussler Cussler, Clive. The assassin
FICTION Doerr Anthony Doerr, Anthony, All the light we cannot see :;a novel
FICTION Freeman Brian Freeman, Brian, Season of fear
FICTION Gabaldon Gabaldon, Diana. Dragonfly in amber
FICTION Gaiman Gaiman, Neil, Trigger warning :;short fictions and disturbances
FICTION Gordon Alex Gordon, Alex, Gideon
FICTION Griffin W.E.B. Griffin, W. E. B., The assassination option :;a clandestine operations novel
FICTION Hamilton Glen Hamilton, Glen Erik. Past crimes
FICTION Hankins Hankins, James Shady cross
FICTION Hauck Hauck, Rachel, How to catch a prince
FICTION Hepworth Hepworth, Sally, The secrets of midwives
FICTION Herron Herron, Mick. Nobody walks
FICTION Higgins Jack Higgins, Jack, Rain on the dead
FICTION Ishiguro Ishiguro, Kazuo, The buried giant
FICTION Johnson T Johnson, T. Geronimo Welcome to Braggsville :;a novel
FICTION Joyce Rachel Joyce, Rachel, The love song of Miss Queenie Hennessy :;a novel
FICTION Kanon Kanon, Joseph. Leaving Berlin :;a novel
FICTION Karlsson Karlsson, Jonas, The room :;a novel
FICTION Keneally Keneally, Thomas, Shame and the captives :;a novel
FICTION Larsen Larsen, Reif. I am Radar
FICTION LeCraw LeCraw, Holly, The half brother :;a novel
FICTION Lethem Lethem, Jonathan, Lucky Alan :;and other stories
FICTION Link Link, Kelly, Get in trouble :;stories
FICTION Lippman Lippman, Laura, Hush, hush
FICTION London Julia London, Julia, The perfect homecoming
The Mammoth book of best new erotica :;volume 13
FICTION Mansell Mansell, Jill, The unexpected consequences of love
FICTION Marr Marr, Andrew, Head of state :;a political entertainment
FICTION Mathews Mathews, Francine. Too bad to die :;a novel
FICTION McCall Smith McCall Smith, Alexander, Bertie's guide to life and mothers
FICTION McGuane McGuane, Thomas. Crow fair :;stories
FICTION Minot Susan Minot, Susan. Thirty girls
FICTION Newman Newman, Sandra, The country of Ice Cream Star
FICTION Nicholson Nicholson, William, Amherst
FICTION Oates Oates, Joyce Carol, The sacrifice
FICTION Oksanen Oksanen, Sofi, When the doves disappeared
FICTION Pataki Pataki, Allison, The accidental empress
FICTION Pearlman Pearlman, Edith, Binocular vision :;new & selected stories
FICTION Rapp Rapp, Adam, Know your beholder :;a novel
FICTION Robinson Robinson, Marilynne. Lila
FICTION Sears Sears, Michael, Long way down
FICTION Simsion Simsion, Graeme C. The Rosie effect
FICTION Soli Soli, Tatjana. The last good paradise :;a novel
FICTION Spindler Spindler, Erica, The first wife
FICTION Steel Steel, Danielle. Prodigal son :;a novel
FICTION Sumell Sumell, Matt, Making nice
FICTION Swanson Swanson, Cynthia, The bookseller :;a novel
FICTION Sykes Sykes, S. D., Plague land
FICTION Taylor Brad Taylor, Brad, No fortunate son
FICTION Tremain Tremain, Rose, The American lover :;and other stories
FICTION Treuer Treuer, David. Prudence :;a novel
FICTION Truss Truss, Lynne Cat out of hel
FICTION Turano Turano, Jen, After a fashion
FICTION Tyler Anne Tyler, Anne. A spool of blue thread :;a novel
FICTION Unger Unger, Lisa, Crazy love you
FICTION Van Den Berg Van den Berg, Laura, Find me :;a novel
FICTION Walsh Walsh, M. O. My sunshine away :;a novel
FICTION Watson Sterling Watson, Sterling, Suitcase city :;a novel
FICTION White Skyler White, Skyler. And falling, fly
 New Hardcover Mystery
MYSTERY Beaton Beaton, M. C., Death of a liar
MYSTERY Bowen Rhys Bowen, Rhys. The edge of dreams
MYSTERY Ferris Ferris, Monica. Darned if you do
MYSTERY Flanders Flanders, Judith, A murder of magpies
MYSTERY Fluke Fluke, Joanne, Double fudge brownie murder :;a Hannah Swensen mystery with recipes
MYSTERY Gregory Gregory, Susanna, Death of a scholar
MYSTERY Gregson Gregson, J. M., A necessary end
MYSTERY Harris C.S. Harris, C. S., Who buries the dead :;a Sebastian St. Cyr mystery
MYSTERY Kaaberbol Kaaberbøl, Lene, Doctor Death :;a Madeleine Karno mystery
MYSTERY Kellerman Jonathan Kellerman, Jonathan. Motive
MYSTERY Kelly Jim Kelly, Jim, At death's window
MYSTERY King Laurie King, Laurie R. Dreaming spies :;a novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes
MYSTERY Robb J.D. Robb, J. D., Obsession in death
 New Science Fiction
SCIENCE FICTION Kelly Kelly, Lee, City of savages
Old Venus
 New Mystery Paperbacks
MYSTERY PAPERBACK COLLECTION Carlisle Carlisle, Kate, This old homicide
MYSTERY PAPERBACK COLLECTION Gates Gates, Eva, By book or by crook :;a lighthouse library mystery
MYSTERY PAPERBACK COLLECTION London London, Colette, Criminal confections
 New Paperbacks
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Ashford Ashford, Jane Married to a Perfect Strange
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Carr Carr, Robyn. Moonlight road
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Chase Chase, Samantha Return to Yo
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Mallery Mallery, Susan. Shelter in a soldier's arms
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Mann Mann, Catherine. Rescue me
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Michaels Michaels, Fern, Eyes only
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Neggers Neggers, Carla, Echo Lake
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Neville Neville, Miranda, The duke of dark desires
PAPERBACK COLLECTION Perry Perry, Marta, Where secrets sleep
 New Science Fiction Paperbacks