New Children's Books (March, 2015)

 Board Books
BOARD BOOK Guettier Guettier, Bénédicte, I am the wolf ... and here I come!
BOARD BOOK Harrison Harrison, Kenny, Hide and seek Harry at the playground
 Flood Fund Books
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE EASY Engle Engle, Margarita, Orangutanka :;a story in poems
FLOOD FUND JUVENILE FICTION Alkhayyat French, Vivian, My own special way
 Juvenile Non-Fiction
JUVENILE 177.62 Crist Crist, James J. The survival guide for making and being friends
JUVENILE 305.235 Hanel
Love & profanity :;a collection of true, tortured, wild, hilarious, concise, and intense tales of teenage life
JUVENILE 614.5112 Jarrow Jarrow, Gail. Fatal fever :;tracking down Typhoid Mary
JUVENILE 796.357 Tavares Tavares, Matt. Growing up Pedro
 Juvenile Comics
JUVENILE COMIC Jamieson Jamieson, Victoria, Roller girl
JUVENILE COMIC Lucke Lucke, Deb, The lunch witch.;#1
 Juvenile Easy Books
JUVENILE EASY Agee Agee, Jon, It's only Stanley
JUVENILE EASY Cutbill Cutbill, Andy. The cow that laid an egg
JUVENILE EASY Engle Engle, Margarita. Drum dream girl
JUVENILE EASY London London, Jonathan, Froggy's birthday wish
JUVENILE EASY McClure McClure, Nikki, In
JUVENILE EASY O'Connor O'Connor, George, If I had a triceratops
JUVENILE EASY Pennypacker Pennypacker, Sara, Meet the Dullards
JUVENILE EASY READER Amerikaner Amerikaner, Susan. Wreck-it Ralph :;game on!
JUVENILE EASY READER Lagonegro Lagonegro, Melissa, Travel like a princess
JUVENILE EASY READER Man-Kong Man-Kong, Mary, Fairy dreams
JUVENILE EASY READER Rabe Rabe, Tish. Now you see me--
JUVENILE EASY READER Stamper Stamper, Judith Bauer. The wild leaf ride
JUVENILE EASY READER Weinberg Weinberg, Jennifer, Pretty pearl mermaid
JUVENILE EASY Russo Russo, Marisabina, Little Bird takes a bath
JUVENILE EASY Schertle Schertle, Alice, Such a little mouse
JUVENILE EASY Sweeney Sweeney, Linda Booth, When the wind blows
JUVENILE EASY Van Biesen Van Biesen, Koen, Roger is reading a book
JUVENILE EASY Wells Wells, Rosemary, Use your words, Sophie
 Juvenile Fiction Books
JUVENILE FICTION American Buckey, Sarah Masters, Danger in Paris :;a Samantha mystery
JUVENILE FICTION American Casanova, Mary. Grace
JUVENILE FICTION American Casanova, Mary. Grace stirs it up
JUVENILE FICTION American Greene, Jacqueline Dembar. A growing suspicion :;a Rebecca mystery
JUVENILE FICTION American Kimmel, Elizabeth Cody. The jazzman's trumpet :;a Kit mystery
JUVENILE FICTION Aureliani Aureliani, Franco, Dino-Mike and the T. Rex attack
JUVENILE FICTION Avi Avi, Catch you later, traitor
JUVENILE FICTION Baker Baker, Matthew, If you find this
JUVENILE FICTION Eyre Eyre, Lindsay The Best Friend Battl
JUVENILE FICTION Gutman Gutman, Dan, Willie & me :;a baseball card adventure
JUVENILE FICTION Hooks Hooks, William H. Pioneer cat
JUVENILE FICTION Isabella Isabella, Jude, The red bicycle :;the extraordinary story of one ordinary bicycle
JUVENILE FICTION Nelson Nelson, Theresa, The year we sailed the sun
JUVENILE FICTION O'Ryan O'Ryan, Ray, Return to Earth!
JUVENILE FICTION Primavera Primavera, Elise, Ms. Rapscott's girls
JUVENILE FICTION Serwacki SerWacki, Get mooned
JUVENILE FICTION Small Small, Lily. Chloe the kitten
JUVENILE FICTION Telgemeier Telgemeier, Raina. Smile
JUVENILE FICTION White White, J. A., The Thickety.;The whispering trees
JUVENILE FICTION Willis Willis, Jeanne, Supercat vs. the fry thief
JUVENILEFICTION American Ernst, Kathleen, The smuggler's secrets :;a Caroline mystery