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New Non-Fiction Books (March, 2014)

004.678035 Boyd boyd, danah It's complicated : the social lives of networked teens
070.5 Bloom Bloom, Patience, aut Romance is my day job : a memoir of finding love at last
153.15 Kaufman Kaufman, Josh. The first 20 hours : how to learn anything ... fast
153.4 Brown Brown, Sunni. The doodle revolution : unlock the power to think differently
184 Goldstein Goldstein, Rebecca Plato at the Googleplex : why philosophy won't go away
282 Kung Kung, Hans Can we save the Catholic Church?
292.211 Graziosi Graziosi, Barbara. The gods of Olympus : a history
296.8342 Sherman Sherman, Charles S. The broken and the whole : discovering joy after heartbreak : lessons from a life of faith
303.483 Head Head, Simon. Mindless : why smarter machines are making dumber humans
305.523 Chua Chua, Amy, author. The triple package : how three unlikely traits explain the rise and fallof cultural groups in America
306.209753 Leibovich Leibovich, Mark. This town : two parties and a funeral--plus, plenty of valet parking!--in America's gilded capital
306.362 Davis Davis, David Brion. The problem of slavery in the age of emancipation
322.4/22209 Hart Hart, Matthew Gold : the race for the world's most seductive metal
332.024 Orman Orman, Suze. The Money class : learn to create your new American dream
332.4 Martin Martin, Felix Money : the unauthorised biography
332.72 Howard Howard, Timothy (Bus The mortgage wars : inside Fannie Mae, big-money politics, and the collapse of the American dream
337 Mandelbaum Mandelbaum, Michael. The road to global prosperity
338.4736373874 Funk Funk, McKenzie. Windfall : the booming business of global warming
338.76374 Edmondson Edmondson, Brad. Ice cream social : the struggle for the soul of Ben & Jerry's
346.73015 Legal
The legal answer book for families.
362.1 Bradley Bradley, Elizabeth H The American health care paradox : why spending more is getting us less
363.119628390974461 Swidey Swidey, Neil. Trapped under the sea : one engineering marvel, five men, and a disasterten miles into the darkness
364.1 Martin Martin, Paul Villains, scoundrels, and rogues : incredible true tales of mischief andmayhem
365.43 Kerman Kerman, Piper. Orange is the new black : my year in a women's prison
365.45092313055 Bauer Bauer, Shane. A sliver of light : three Americans imprisoned in Iran
385.09 Zoellner Zoellner, Tom. Train : riding the rails that created the modern world : from the Trans-Siberian to the Southwest Chief
530 New
The New York times book of physics and astronomy : more than 100 years of covering the expanding universe
530.01 Gefter Gefter, Amanda. Trespassing on Einstein's lawn : a father, a daughter, the meaning of nothing, and the beginning of everything
530.11 Bennett Bennett, Jeffrey O. What is relativity? : an intuitive introduction to einstein's ideas, andwhy they matter
567.9 Martin Martin, Anthony J. Dinosaurs without bones : dinosaur lives revealed by their trace fossils
570 De Queiroz De Queiroz, Alan, au The monkey's voyage : how improbable journeys shaped the history of life
580.92 Kassinger Kassinger, Ruth. A Garden of Marvels: How We Discovered That Flowers Have Sex, Leaves EatAir, and Other Secrets of Plants.
613.26 Perlmutter Perlmutter, David Grain brain : the surprising truth about wheat, carbs, and sugar--your brain's silent killers
613.70449 Mejia Mejia, Michael. The Men's health gym bible
615.945 Booth Booth, Michael Eating dangerously : why the government can't keep your food safe... andhow you can
616.342 Browne Browne, Jennifer (Je Happy healthy gut : the natural diet solution to curing IBS and other chronic digestive disorders
616.72 Diana Diana, Richard Healthy joints for life : an orthopedic surgeon's proven plan to reduce pain and inflammation, avoid surgery and get moving again
616.85882 Higashida Higashida, Naoki The reason I jump : the inner voice of a thirteen-year-old boy with autism
616.8603 Beyond
Beyond addiction : how science and kindness help people change
616.9944 Jacobs Jacobs, Hollye. Silver lining : a supportive and insightful guide to breast cancer.
636.3145 Parry Parry, Barbara. Adventures in yarn farming : four seasons on a New England fiber farm
650.142 Kursmark Kursmark, Louise. 30-minute resume makeover : rev up your resume in half an hour
658 Braun Braun, Adam, author. The promise of a pencil : how an ordinary person can create extraordinary change
658.452 Gallo Gallo, Carmine. Talk like TED : the 9 public-speaking secrets of the world's top minds
712 Baraton Baraton, Alain, auth The gardener of Versailles : my life in the world's grandest garden
738.14 Halls Halls, Susan. Pinch pottery : functional, modern handbuilding
743.4 Hodge Hodge, Susie How to draw people in simple steps
746.12 Martineau Martineau, Ashley, a Spinning and dyeing yarn : the home spinner's guide to creating traditional and art yarns
746.46 May May, Rachel (Rachel Quilting with a modern slant : people, patterns, and techniques inspiring the Modern Quilt Community
782.42164 Morrissey Morrissey. Autobiography
782.421660922 Rowlands Rowlands, Penelope. The Beatles are here! : 50 years after the band arrived in America, writers and other fans remember
791.43 Vieira Vieira, Mark A. Majestic Hollywood : the greatest films of 1939
791.43028 Eliot Eliot, Marc. Nicholson : a biography
791.45 Bushkin Bushkin, Henry, auth Johnny Carson
791.45617 Austerlitz Austerlitz, Saul. Sitcom : a history in 24 episodes from I love Lucy to Community
791.4572 Hearn Hearn, Marcus, autho Doctor Who : the vault
796.323 Richmond Richmond, Peter Phil Jackson : lord of the rings
796.357 Bradlee Bradlee, Ben. The kid : the immortal life of Ted Williams
796.35706877311 Will Will, George F. A nice little place on the North Side : Wrigley Field at one hundred
796.35764 Feinstein Feinstein, John, aut Where nobody knows your name : life in the minor leagues of baseball
796.4252 Kaplan Kaplan, Ben, 1974- Feet, don't fail me now : the rogue's guide to running the marathon
813 Buell Buell, Lawrence, aut The dream of the great American novel
813 Must Must, Dennis. The world's smallest Bible : a novel
814 Gurwitch Gurwitch, Annabelle. I see you made an effort : compliments, indignities, and survival stories from the edge of fifty
817 Barry Barry, Dave. You can date boys when you're forty : Dave Barry on parenting and other topics he knows very little about
818 Handler Handler, Chelsea. Uganda be kidding me
823.8 Mead Mead, Rebecca, autho My life in Middlemarch
910.202 Lonely
Lonely Planet's best in travel.
914.4360484 Time
Time Out shortlist. Paris.
914.9587 Barclay Barclay, Jennifer. Falling in Honey : How a Tiny Greek Island Stole My Heart
940.5481497 Saporito Saporito, Anastasia Ancient furies : a young girl's struggles in the crossfire of World War II
941.05 De Lisle De Lisle, Leanda, au Tudor : passion, manipulation, murder : the story of England's most notorious royal family
944.026 Jager Jager, Eric Blood royal : a true tale of crime and detection in medieval Paris
944.361033 DeJean DeJean, Joan E., aut How Paris became Paris : the invention of the modern city
947.21 Kelly Kelly, Catriona, aut St Petersburg : shadows of the past
959.7043 Associated Associated Press, ph Vietnam : the real war
966.701 Sparks Sparks, Randy J. Where the Negroes are masters : an African port in the era of the slave trade
973.93 Krauthammer Krauthammer, Charles Things that matter : three decades of passions, pastimes, and politics
974.44 Boothroyd Boothroyd, Paul. Assabet Mills : Maynard, Massachusetts
BIOGRAPHY 92 Adams Jacobs, Diane. Dear Abigail : the intimate lives and revolutionary ideas of Abigail Adams and her two remarkable sisters
BIOGRAPHY 92 Bailey Bailey, Blake The splendid things we planned : a family portrait
BIOGRAPHY 92 cummings Cheever, Susan. E.E. Cummings : a life
BIOGRAPHY 92 Hammett Cline, Sally. Dashiell Hammett : man of mystery