Building on decades of basic research in the biological sciences, fundamental principles underlying the function of complex biological systems are being elucidated. Concurrently, this understanding renders biology amenable to engineering approaches – how can scientists control, predict and thus design novel biological systems?

We use genetic engineering and biochemical techniques to address issues in immune system function and dis-function, with a view to correcting or augmenting immune system activities. This work involves design of protein molecules, production in recombinant expression systems, biophysical and biochemical analysis and, ultimately, structural analysis to visualize the molecular basis of activity.

Overall research goals:
  • Define neutralizing epitopes in Bordetella pertussis antigens and use this information to engineer more effective vaccines and therapeutics
  • Reverse engineer pathogenic strategies used by bacterial pathogens for biotechnological applications
  • Apply protein engineering approaches to issues in structural biology
  • Control cellular immunity through manipulation of T cell receptor-peptide MHC interactions

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