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I love photography, but as an ethical vegan, I hesitated to indulge this interest because of photography's hinsic nature from the animal-derived gelatin in the film.  

During the past several decades, the shift to digital photography has seen the replacement gelatin-based film with a different process, so we're good to go.  I'm SO thankful that we lodged ourselves strategically and campaigned for that structural change in the material infrastructure of our society.  

I wish we had been more effective in abolishing animal agriculture and changing human feeding habits.  The struggle to 'build vegetarian culture' is recurrent and underlying theme in my actual life, not my history of employment.

From September 8-21, 2006, I enjoyed IVU's 37th World Vegetarian Congress in Goa, India.
My photos of my India journeyings are now available, separated by dates the photos have been taken:

10 September 2006 in Varca, Goa, India - 37th World Vegetarian Congress in Radisson White Sands Hotel

11 September 2006 in Varca, Goa, India - 37th World Vegetarian Congress in Radisson White Sands Hotel

12 September 2006 in Varca, Goa, India - 37th World Vegetarian Congress in Radisson White Sands Hotel

13 September 2006 in Goa, India - 37th World Vegetarian Congress in Radisson White Sands AND full day touring sites in Goa

14 September 2006 in Varca, Goa, India - 37th World Vegetarian Congress in Radisson White Sands Hotel

15 September 2006 in Varca, Goa, India - 37th World Vegetarian Congress in Radisson White Sands Hotel

16 September 2006 in Varca, Goa, India - 37th World Vegetarian Congress in Radisson White Sands Hotel AND half-day trip of Goan state

18 September 2006 touring Karnataka, India as a vegan group in a bus

19 September 2006 touring Karnataka, India as a vegan group in a bus

20 September 2006 touring Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (Mani Bhawan and other sites)

21 September 2006 touring Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (Elephanta Caves, Museums, dinner)

More are uploaded to my Picasaweb site, which you will find there by navigating.
The 38th IVU World Vegetarian Congress was in Dresden, German.

I have since lost that Kodak 3.2 megapixel digital camera and replaced it with one, a second, and now a third digital camera that isn't quite so good, though now i'm working with an 8.0 megapixel camera.  I think i need a Canon PowerShot, so photographers - share your thoughts and insights with me.  

The 39th IVU World Vegetarian Congress is expected to be again in SE Asia.

Other current photos of me will be found with my current writings on my various blogs.  Join them all!!

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I've been working for Harvard consistently since the 1990s, but I've worked on and off for Harvard since my days as a graduate student at Harvard, in the Harvard Divinity School.  

My life history is colorful, but my work history is checkered - checkered with fascinating and interesting work that was as historic as it was educational, including my time with Dr. Michael Hammer, who generated the concept of downsizing (today called 'rightsizing) and who authored Reengineering the Corporation: A manifesto for Business Revolution in 1993, The Reengineering Revolution in 1995, Beyond Reengineering in 1997, and The Agenda in 2001. 

Days in accounting (Price-Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand, now Pricewaterhouse-Coopers) and finance (Fidelity, Bear-Stearns, etc.) ought to have nudged me towards a business education, but I was busy organizing vegetarian societies, networks, resources, and more.

I'm known in a number of sectors; how I'm viewed varies considerably, and my robust variability probably nurtures no stable reputation.  But let's talk about that, just a little, and hopefully with some insight from you that will supplement what I already see and appreciate.

Fascinating places have included other universities (Tufts, Boston University, etc.), colleges (Simmons, Wheelock), conservatories of music (New England Conservatory), and educational settings of various sites.  Social service and government agencies contributed to my 'on the job' learning, as did time in human resources with a number of companies, including a major factory then on Binney Street near MIT in Cambridge.

Deciding retrospectively which of my jobsites was most interesting, educational, and rewarding is a challenge - a challenge I won't raise at this moment.  However, I enjoyed temporary employment also, temping which landed me more often than not in permanent employment: Filene's, Fidelity, and Harvard.  But during one of my several bouts with unemployment (temps never say that they're unemployed - they're 'on call' or 'on assignment'; permanent employees do), I returned to The Skill Bureau (which had been very good to me in the past, but I was older at that time) and got WHAT I CONSIDERED TO BE yet another run around, so my eyes focused on a sign for the Transcription Center on the 3rd floor, where the TSB accounting office had been located.  Putting 1 and 1 together, I got a perfect 2 - right there on the 3rd floor, so I rode the elevator up and wandered in.  I could transcribe; indeed, I was outstanding, and a great typist, too - I'd been typing since elementary school.  Indeed, all the way back by the front of the building was the office that contained both in-house operations, so by the end of the visit, I'd finagled myself a job, which I was able to 'grow' into a management role called 'Senior Production Coordinator' (and residual client confidentiality prevents my discussing 'our' MOST fascinating transcription clients.

Then, after quite a few very interesting years working (and learning) at TTC, I left.

Now I'm working again entirely in Boston's Longwood Medical Area.  
I have been working for Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health off and on since the early 1990s.  Now, I'm working at Harvard School of Public Health and studying research administration full-time at neighboring Emmanuel College (on the edge of Boston's Longwood Medical Area).  

I'm active in several local Meetups, but three (where I'm a Meetup Community Organizer) are vegetarian-related:
Boston Vegan Meetup
        Boston Vegetarian Meetup      Boston Veggie Meetup

My Yahoo! 360 BLOGS were under maynardclark and maynardsclark.  In their heyday, those Yahoo! blogs were drawing me about 1.3 million different readers, and administrative decisions of 'higher ups' at Yahoo! is a bittersweet story, one that likely has very little commercial value to a writer.  But here goes with the tale of woe, in which one could suppose that there is some lesson to be learned or sense of reality to be gleaned (such as, somethings don't belong to us; we can, however, enjoy using what others control - often to our own short-term and long-term benefit).

When Yahoo! CLOSED the 360 blogging platform and allowed us to migrate our content to the Yahoo! profiles, the first of those two blogs had brought me about 1.3 million different readers who joined one or both of these blogs and stay in touch with me.My MSN/Microsoft Live Spaces blogs were found at   and

But Microsoft was no more honorable than Yahoo! was, and soon, Microsoft reneged on their blogging platform, and bloggers were left high and dry.  Does this say something about the limited viability of BOTH Microsoft AND Yahoo!?  We DO know that Microsoft bigges are hoping to purchase Yahoo! (could any good result from that?)

Until Yahoo! closed down their 360 platform, I continued to blog on that Yahoo! 360 platform using  my two Yahoo! profiles (maynardclark and maynardsclark).  Now, if you try to access either of the earlier 360 blogs, you will be redirected to the Yahoo! profile corresponding to that profile/360 blog.

Then, until Microsoft jinxed their Live Spaces platform, I continued to blog on that Microsoft Live Spaces platform using  my two Microsoft profiles (maynardclark and maynardsclark).  However, if you try to access either of those Live Spaces blogs, you will be unable to reach my contributions.

The rich justify what they do.  Why would they want to give us something free in order to advertise to us, when even their Hotmail is jinxed with spamming and participation by disingenous persons hidden behind anonymity.

All of us should live as vegetarians -- vegans -- because we ARE vegetarians (vegans) anatomically.
Social behavior contradicts this anatomical reality because that fact isn't widely recognized by our species.

The Vegetarian Resource Center's byline has been "Making Connections for Plant-Based Diets since 1993"

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Summerfest Photos


Every year, the North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) holds an annual NAVS Vegetarian Summerfest (often in Johnstown PA).  Chef Ken Bergeron, CEC, holder of gold, silver, and bronze medals in the International Culinary Olympics and author of Professional Vegetarian Cooking, organizes the kitchen and makes possible three (3) vegan buffet meals daily AND vegan snacks throughout the evenings (dfuring socializing and evening entertainment after the evening plenaries).

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