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A Dutch Barn Story

Here is my vision of a new, new-world dutch barn born and raised in Columbia County, NY. From trees to barn, I tried to stay true to the tradition and spirit of my timber framing forefathers.

These photos serve as a sort of time-lapse chronicle of the frame process. 

The dutch barn is 48 x 48 ft., of white oak, pine, and larch, all of which I harvested on site.

The design is derived from recycled timbers found in a barn on the property. Joinery is scribe rule and tumbling. The detective work and plans were done by

Jack Sobon.

The barn has e a full wood floor, wood door, hinges; everything with the exception of roofingand cement came off the site. The tools I used include a

skidder, a chainsaw, a Woodmizer, a forklift, a few power tools, and of course axes and hand tools. All the work was done by me with two other men.

Kaspar Meier, May Hill Timber Frames